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Suggestion for school problems that work

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  • Suggestion for school problems that work

    I have a 10 year old son with Tourettes, anxiety and depression. Sitting in class for extended periods of time are difficult for him as he tries to supress his tics so the other children don't tease him. This is rarely successful and he then tends to act out in inappropriate behaviours and acts like the class clown or can become mean and bully-like which can turn into hands-on conflicts with other students or the teacher. I believe he does this subconsciously to let out his tics in a way that other kids don't really see the actual tic.

    I have found that having close communication with the teacher and principle have helped alot. I do not tell my son when I have spoken to the school as this upsets him tremendously. I will usually deal with the issue at hand by going secretively to the school on lunch hour or speaking on the phone.

    I have offered several suggestions to the teacher including that she speak to my son (without other kids being around) and let him know that she realizes that he has Tourettes and that sometimes school can be difficult. Now that my son realizes that his teacher is understanding and doesn't resent him for always being disruptive, he seems to have a closer relationship with her.

    I also suggested to the teacher to talk to my son about making a hand single to her (that other kids don't know about) which will single to her that he needs to get out of class and walk around the school to release some of the built up energy that the tics are causing. He now uses this hand single regularly to go for a walk, use the bathroom to let out some tics, or to go to the library or resource room to have a quieter change of environment. The teacher has also more frequently been sending my son on school errands (e.g. notes to the office, to other teachers) as a way of getting him out of the class when she sees him begin to have difficulties.

    The school office is now aware that he may often bring them notes or memos that really aren't important but are only meant as an escape for him to get out and move around during difficult times.

    I hope this information may offer some help to other parents of kids with TS.

    Mother of 10 year old son with TS

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    I think its great youre so involved with your childs education. Im ts+ and never finished high school. I believe that school was just as bad for me as the ts was.
    In the US, schools may fund evaluations,psychiatric consultations, tests and assessments in order to provide the child with an appropriate free public education. It is up to the school board to provide an education that matches the childs needs. With these assessments the school may determine a course of action to provide that education or it may assess the child as needing a special education.
    Maybe your local school board will be able to provide someone who is a specialist in assessing children with special needs who can also make a recommendation for your childs education. Sometimes you may have to push for what help u can recieve as the school board is concerned with costs, its really up to us to say what is needed when these services are available to us.