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halloween obsessed *sigh*

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  • halloween obsessed *sigh*

    devon is now halloween obsessed. how or why i dont know but every 2-3 minutes he starts on about halloween. what hes going to be.. decorations.. candy.. singing songs from nightmare before christmas...then will repeat several times " i lovveeeee halloween... i lovveeeee halloweeen... I LOVVEEE halloween"<grimace grimace grimace>

    the first few days of this i could ignore.. now its just driving me nuts. of course typically i tried to redirect his attention to SUMMER and the like.. how about swimming? all the fun things we are going to do in the next FIVE MONTHS BEFORE halloween??? but NOOO hes too far gone :roll: and he wont let me just NOT sit there and not say anything back i have to ANSWER him ENTHUISIASTICALLY BACK with his halloween talk too... COOL YEAH I like halloween TOO Devon.. yeah i cant WAIT to carve pumpkins TOO devon :roll: or he gets really MAD to the point of aggressive! Youre NOT LISTENING!!!!

    PLEASE let this latest obsession change QUICK!!! rofl or i will HATE halloween WAYY before it even GETS HERE lol :shock:


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    halloween obsessed *sigh*

    Hi Suzanne 1972,

    Does Devon having obsessions frequently?

    Have you discuss this with his doctor?

    Could he be excited about the dressing up part?

    My son at 9 years old loves to dress up and Halloween is his favourite holiday because of the cool costumes.

    I have a picture of my son on Christmas morning fully dressed up in his Halloween costume (spiderman).

    We are always here to talk, so keep us posted.


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      halloween obsessed *sigh*

      devon is constantly getting obsessed with things.. sometimes they last hours sometimes weeks... but WOW the intensity is CRAZY... its downright frightening to watch. he can become so hysterical over something for hours that he rages out of control.. screaming, destroying things, crying thrashing punching himself or me... over something as trivial as an old stuffed animal that he happened to see in a photo earlier that day.... he HAS TO HAVE IT!!! he will DIE if he doesnt HAVE IT NOW!nothing can seem to redirect him... he will chant what he wants over and over... he also has a tendency to repeat what he says at least 3-5 times every few sentences... not sure if this is obsessive or a tic.

      once devon gets something in his head it has to ride itself out. nothing you can say can redirect him.

      His psychiatrist doesnt have alot to say on the matter as far as treatment for his obsessions/compulsions... we are still trying different meds out. he just came off of nuerontin (it caused his tics to increase) so she started him on lamictal...she doesnt seem to think zyprexa is doing anything at this point but causing him intense hunger so we prob will be taking him off that and replacing it with something else once we see how the lamictal works. Hes also been on risperdal, tripletal and epival. Its hard to figure out what symptom goes where as he has the comorbid diagnosis of bipolar and is delayed etc. He is a rapid cycler for moods and hes on a roller coaster; up and down constantly.

      My older son was the same way at his age.. now my older son is 11 and he is more typically showing adult bipolar symptoms and his moods swing farther apart... also because he is older can be treated with alot of different meds you cant a 5 year old... its like i am having a deja vu however devon has the bonus of tourettes and being delayed... russell was just as obsessed with things... we tried luvox and other ads but they just sent him into mania unfortunatley... but even now once russell gets something into his head theres no stopping him... he has to do it or have it... example: my oldest collects office supplies... binders for one ( he has 23).. not because he uses them.. but because he likes them.. he asks for things like 3 hole punchers for his birthday.. and staple removers lolol he has them all lined up on his desk just so....and GOD FORBID YOU TOUCH THEM :shock: Russell has been in a mixed state for the past 2 months... his psych. increased his antipsychotic and lithium ( 2x)... hes threatened to kill himself several times.. but at the same time you might find him at 2 am rearranging his furniture or defrosting my freezer.. or threatening to call the primeminister to tell him how he should run the country...

      anyway i digress......

      its been a long and winding road for us here lol

      Su :P


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        halloween obsessed *sigh*

        Hi Suzanne 1972,

        hes threatened to kill himself several times
        My heart went out to you after reading your post. Did you tell his doctor about this?

        He needs to be assessed by a doctor ASAP regarding this threat.

        Please don't dismiss his threats and take them as serious statements.

        At his age it is not normal for a child to be concerned regarding the arrangement of the furniture or the prime minister.

        Help him by taking him to a hospital.

        Let us know how we can support you and your family and we are always here to listen.


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          halloween obsessed *sigh*

          oh his psychiatrist is fully aware of the situation and the suicidal ideation.. thats why the increase in meds. his current lithium levels are high so the psychiatrist " isnt worried" russells first suicide attempt.. ( not threat) was at 6 years old.. he put a belt around his neck.. this is not new to us. trust me i know how serious bipolar is.. i myself have it. I watch both my children like hawks... even devon. I am very educated and a big advocate in the community for bipolar awareness. i also help to run several support groups for early onset bipolar.

          now.. as far as hospitals ... there isnt any psych beds at all for pediatrics in our region. russell was hospitalized ONCE and i had to fight tooth and nail to get him there and that was a whole other story which included over 40 hours in er's in several different hospitals, a tvo special and an article in our local paper.. plus threats to the administrator or the one hospital and russells psychiatrist which really has put a wedge in our relationship... however there are only 2 psych. drs in the region for kids to choose from... 19 in all of Ontario) and then on top of it all a visit from FACS saying i wasnt doing ENOUGH for my me when i say been there done that worn the tshirt lol...

          I take everything russell says very seriously.. i just with his psychiatrist would.



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            halloween obsessed *sigh*

            Hi Suzanne 1972,

            On your children's behalf, I want to thank you for taking what they are saying seriously and in educating yourself.

            I am glad that your psychiatrist is aware of what is happening because this is a serious situation and your children need a doctor who will guide them to holistic health.

            I am shocked that there is not a paediatric mental health unit. Even in the small city I am from, we have a small paediatric mental health unit.

            I wonder how far we have come as a society when the most vulnerable people of our society are ignored.

            Are your children and your family in counselling?

            Many hospitals if not all, have a medical library where you could go to do research into the different medications and the latest treatment options available.

            You and your husband are your children's advocates and by insisting your children get the help they need, you enable them to get the heath care they need.

            Keep us posted and let us know how we can help.