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  • Got an appointment!

    Very happy today! I had called the Toronto Western TS clinic last week to put my son's name on the cancellation list - and I got an appointment yesterday for July 10!

    YES! I was expecting at least September or October.

    Now at least I know we will be able to get a confirmation one way or the other. My son seems so much more relaxed since the paediatrician said "Tourettes" and he realized that maybe it wasn't his fault for some of his strange "habits". I guess it helps that mom is a bit more relaxed and not telling him to stop shaking his head, or to get a kleenex when he does the sniff thing!

    Anyway, just had to share!

    Be well,

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    Got an appointment!

    Hi Jori

    This is great news! If you haven't already, you should start journalling your concerns, any behaviors that started and ended and duration ... a history of what has been happening with your son. A good practise is to write down all the questions you have too because once in the appointment you may forget something that you wanted to share.

    This appt is not far off, make sure you keep us posted.

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      Got an appointment!

      Hi Jori,

      I am so happy for you and your family.

      For your son to be able to say when he does one of his "habits" that it is just my tourettes. It must be a great relief for him.

      There is a posting called How to help your doctor . It is a guide by MedicineNet to help know what questions to ask your doctor and about follow up care.