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  • School's Out

    My son got his report card and he passed! :D

    When I read his report card I was really pleased at how well he did. He is really smart but his ADHD gets in the way sometimes.

    His teacher thanked me for all the help I gave to the class this year and I was surprised because she has certainly helped to make this year difficult. She has sometimes hurt my son's education by making an issue of his movements in front of the class but she is also a very good teacher and my son has learned a great deal this year.

    How has your child's teacher affected your child's education.

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    School's Out


    In the past the reactions and behavior of adults have destroyed any self esteem and grades he could have ever had.

    We are very thankful the the school he attends now is so supportive and understanding. I have so much support from all the staff and principal. For the first time I am looking forward to the new school year.

    I am so glad for your son and it goes to show that despite all the troubles that children can perceiver. It is just hard on everyone when they have too.


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      School's Out

      Not so much in relation to TS, but I have had some teachers who have very much affected my education, for good and bad. I have had a teacher who I was so uncomfortable with that I wasn't able to focus in class and eventually stopped trying to work and hated his french class and the subject, but thankfully had a good teacher this year and picked my liking for it back up again quickly.

      On the other hand, I had a chemistry teacher who made every class so enjoyable that I came to class every day wanting to learn and was interested in it all and tried harder than in any of my classes. It ended up being one of my better marks and I am now looking at getting into chemical engineering because of the interest sparked by this teacher.

      Teachers can make or break an education, not just the telling of the facts or poor teaching techniques, but the way that they present it all has a wonderful overall effect and can lead you to either love it or hate it, and I am so thankful for this teacher who has gotten me really into a subject that I love. My dad is a high school teacher and has had former students come up to him and tell him how much his class affected them and got them into their profession today and I never really understood it, but now I can see just how much of an impact a teacher can have on one's life and how important they are.

      Just my feelings on teachers!
      ~be a miracle~