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Thank you so much for your reply's........more

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  • Thank you so much for your reply's........more

    I am happy to hear from others who have similar issues with their children. I do not know anyone else with Tourette's. I am still learning and helping others understand my son's issues. Mason's tics have increased and he just started a new tic. It is a vocal tic and the first one that is "out of the ordinary". He was able to hide his ticing in the past but this one is definitly the worst one yet. He is also beginning to repeat phrases and seems very anxious and obsessive. I had a meeting with the school to discuss options. He now has a IEP and OT and speech. I have asked for a psycologist assessment as well as a EA. I was told that he will not qualify for a EA as he is not in danger of hurting himself or others.

    I live in Orangeville, Ontario. There is not a lot of support here and I find that difficult. My husband and I are still having difficulty accepting Mason's diagnosis.

    Anyway I am thankful to have all of you! Thank you.

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    Thank you so much for your reply's........more


    For my husband and I, the biggest adjustment we have had to make, after the diagnosis that is, is the changing tics and the waxing and waning. Sometimes I start to think, "okay, this isn't so bad, what was I crying my heart out over?" and then along comes a new tic that throws me for a loop and my heart breaks for my child. But that is happening less and less.

    As for school for your son, I am glad some things are being put in place. It can be hard to get educators to understand that our children are not doing these things on purpose. they are not "negative attention seekers" or "bad". My son has EA support because he has a HUGE problem with impulsivity and this often leads to aggression, if that wasn't the case, the school never would have put it in place. I anticipate the school trying to reduce the support over the next year or so and in some ways I think that is a good thing. Having the EA hanging over his shoulder all the time really hinders his social experiences and I am not convinced he gets more academic assistance with it. But who knows.

    As for your sons anxiety/obsessions - I can't remember from your previous post but are you currently hooked up with a specialist (Neurologist, Paediatrican, Psychologist or Psychiatrist?) If so, could you pursue it with them - perhaps a referral to a tourettes clinic?

    As for where you live, it's a small world. I grew up in Caledon. Maybe sometime down the line, when we are both not so new to all this, we could arrange for our sons to meet when I am up your way visiting friends. I have met a few other people with kids with TS at the local support group here in Windsor but all of their children are significantly older.

    Hang in there.