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A Bus Stop Problem

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  • A Bus Stop Problem

    I was at the bus stop yesturday with my children waiting for the bus,we had a nice day at mcdonald's and my son got a game for his gameboy ,he has been for the past few days very loud in his sounds,so while waiting for the bus,he was playing with his game sitting but his sound were noticable one man was also sitting reading the paper and he was getting upset with my son,under his breath but still being heard by all waiting he was saying,where are this kid's parents,what a nuisane,does his parents have any control over this kid.I had enoughI am a very quite and even shy person but this was it in 2 days I had to speak up,anyway I said I am his mother do you have a problem with my son he looked up and said yes,I said well sir my son has Touretttes and the sounds he is making he has no control over and by the way I have a problem with you smoking at this bus stop,he got up and moved some others there asked me about Tourettes,they seemed very intersted,the day before a bus driver stopped the bus and shouted at us we were in the back to make my son stoped shouting on the bus,he got upset and we got off but on the way i told the driver.My son has not said anything about yesturday but he sometimes worried that we will be kicked off a bus.My husband works and I do not know how to drive so we take the bus alot and my sons all like taking the bus.I tell him not to worry about it but he does worry alot about different things,I do not want him to stop going on the bus.

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    A Bus Stop Problem

    Hi Mom2ksjnn5,

    Good for you for standing up for your son! I am glad you mentioned the smoking, health Canada has lots of information on the dangers of second hand smoke.

    It is unfortunate that your son has had to experience negative reactions on the bus. I would definitely call the bus company and talk to the manager about TS and ask about informing all the bus drivers especially the drivers in your area.

    In my experience, a direct approach about TS to companies will often provide a more relaxing environment for all involved.

    Many people with TS have a higher baseline of anxiety therefore, I can see he would worry about things. Ask him his top 3 worries and work on solutions for those and maybe if he sees solutions for his big problems then maybe he will relax about his small worries.

    We are always here to talk and give support to you and your family.

    Let us know how it goes with the bus company.


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      Oh, that is awful

      Hi Mom,

      I agree with Stephanie - you did the right thing in speaking out to that man. Over the years I have heard many negative comments about my sons and their behaviour, and many times I have been embarrassed and/or frustrated, but most times I have said nothing. The comebacks and retorts often come to me at 3am! (Not that it helps anything, but then I think I may be ready for future events... )

      Although my son doesn't yet have a confirmed dx, it is amazing at how much more relaxed he seems about a number of things. I think it's because he realizes that it really ISN'T his fault.

      As for the bus driver giving your family a hard time, I think that should be addressed for sure. If you aren't comfortable with calling the company as Stephanie suggested, maybe you should make up little business cards that say "My son has tourettes - he may...(explain what he may do)" Then when you get on the bus, you can quitely, and without any fuss, hand the card to the driver before you take your seat. He/she will be able to read it quickly, without any other pasengers noticing, and hopefully that will ease any future problems.

      Good luck - let us know how the next few bus trips go!

      Be well,


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        A Bus Stop Problem

        Hi Jori,

        That is a great suggestion about the business cards. It would be wonderful to just discreetly show the bus driver the cards and then you could have a great ride.

        it is amazing at how much more relaxed he seems about a number of things. I think it's because he realizes that it really ISN'T his fault.
        I am really happy for your family to be able to provide a warm and loving environment for your son to grow. A medical issue is not his fault and he can go on to live a happy, fulfilled life.

        Thanks for the suggestion and let us know how we can help.


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          A Bus Stop Problem

          You did the right thing...often if I have a moment without my son I approach people that have been negative or twist their face in disgusts over his vocal tics and let them know he can not help it and I don't appreciate their behavior. I also stress they create a aftermath from the way they treat him and he fears returning which is just not right.

          I have rarely had any trouble from doing this and I am usually more tactful then they ever were which tends to make them feel pretty small.

          People still judge a book by its cover sometimes.

          I wish you the best and be assured you are not alone in your experiences. Most of us have all been there.


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            A Bus Stop Problem

            Kudos to you! You are a strong advocate for your son!

            I also would suggest you partner with the bus company and increase their awareness of TS, especially if you are continuing to take advanctage of this means of transportation.

            There is not yet a TSFC chapter in your area but I know there is a support group and I know there have been people in your area trained as in-service providers. If you haven't connected with this group yet. Contact the TSFC national office. I'm sure Michelle or Ingrid can help you find the right person to approach and educate the bus company.

            Thanks for shaing your story which I am sure will empower and inspire others to advocate for their child in similar situations.

            TSFC Homepage