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First dx appointment completed - more ??'s

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  • First dx appointment completed - more ??'s

    Just wanted to find out a couple of things about the long road of getting a dx for this disorder.

    We had our first 1 1/2 appointment at Toronto Western on Monday. After spending this time talking with the doctor, and going over some history, she then said that for our 2nd appointment, she wanted him assessed by both a speech pathologist and an OT (for his handwritting problems). So we will be doing all of this on one day! Will be a long day for sure.

    I now have two questions:
    1. How long did it take for you (your child) to be confirmed to have TS once the process began?
    2. Although I know they are team members, what are the benefits of OT and speech in relation to TS?

    Thanks for any input - it is appreciated.

    Be well,

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    First dx appointment completed - more ??'s

    Hi Lupie Jori,

    I am so happy for you that you had the first appointment for your son.

    The question of how long before getting a diagnosis always varies with each person's medical history. Actually the question has come up before and Here are the posts.

    I am not sure why he is being sent to a speech pathologist but I am sure the doctor must have a good reason and understanding of your son for the referral. A speech pathologist's job is to the study of human communication including disorders of speech, language and swallowing.

    The Occupational therapist for his handwriting problems is a benefit to being able to develop more muscles in the hand and wrist. In the longterm will greatly benefit his handwriting skills.


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      First dx appointment completed - more ??'s


      Stephanie is right about the time involved for a diagnosis. You are however working with a great crew at a very good medical facility.

      The OT is a great thing since some children's motor skills are delayed in hand writing. This was the first sign for my son and instead of helping him they labeled him. So get as much help as possible. It will help in school for many years to come and reduce stresses experienced in class over hand writing.

      The evaluation of the speech is also a good thing and may or may not be directly related to the possible TS. My daughter had speech problems and needed help for two years. She was a preemie.

      Getting these assessments will help if any assistance is needed in a school system and lay the ground work for support.

      I am sure you are in good hands.

      Take Care and keep us posted.


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        First dx appointment completed - more ??'s

        Hi there Jori

        what are the benefits of OT and speech in relation to TS
        Four of my boys have had issues with pronunciation but only 2/4 of my boys are currently having Speech support. I don't really think it is tied back to their TS. Two of my boys experienced issues that were due to maturation and the other two are having more complex problems which apparently are common with kids who also have Dyslexia ( one does and one is showing "red flags" )

        OT has been a tremendous benefit for my boys. All 4 have OTs. OT covers issues with handwriting and they also covers areas of concern such as sensory defensiveness, balance and/or proprioceptive issues- all which are quite common with kids with TS. You seem to have a great system of support. Take full advantage of what ever they offer you. In NL there are such waiting lists for such supports that is is very frustrating and many parents find themselves paying for private resources.

        TSFC Homepage


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          Dx for your son

          HI there.

          OT and any other disciplines that will help your child are great! My husband and I were the ones who originally felt that our son was different. We researched "tics" on the internet and quickly realized that we were dealing with Tourettes.

          Our son had a lisp and annunciation was a problem. After a year of speech therapy, all is well. He continues to receive OT work throughout the schoolyear as he has graphomotor problems. Keyboarding is really his answer, but he wants to be like the other kids.

          The more help you can get into place, the better for your child! We had to work really hard to advocate at our child's school and get some baseline help. So, be happy and keep yourself informed!


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            First dx appointment completed - more ??'s


            It is great to hear a success story and I am glad you were able to provide some direction to Jori.