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  • hello

    well i just found this group surfing around looking for ideas to reduce tics

    my 10 year old step son has a diagnosis of Aspergres Sydnrome and ADHD and appears to have a tic disorder. he goes through all the things for tics the wax and wane of changing them constantly some of the ones he has had is eye blinking, shutting his eyes really tight, rasing his eyebrows or something too make like a surprised look, opening his mouth wide and out, liking his face, biting his lips (got a really red face last winter) making 'hm' vocal noises.

    we are using neurofeedback to hope to work on them as well as working on diet and reduction of video games.

    any other tips to help reduce tics, exspecially when they are at in increase

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    Re: hello

    Welcome nikkiskye!

    We have found that bringing the tics to the attention of the person who has tics only serves to exacerbate them, because the person's stress level is increased and tics tend to increase with tics.

    Allow you son to feel safe at home or in his own private space where he can tic without anyone reacting. A sense of safety and to be able to release the tic energy without anyone reacting will help release the built up energy and in a state of relaxation, depending on the nature of his tics, he may tic less.

    It's no guarantee, but it's the formula that tends to work for most people.

    At any rate, your son should not be made to feel guilty for his involuntary tics by anyone, including teachers, peers or family members. Be prepared with an explanation and even supporting literature for hose who might be intolerant about his involuntary behaviours.

    Thanks for joining the TSFC Forum, and we hope you find it informative. Feel free to join in any ongoing discussion or start one of your own.
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      Re: hello

      Hi Nikkiskye,

      Welcome to the TSFC forum, we are glad you joined us.

      reduction of video games
      My son has TS+ and we have found when he concentrates on video games then he actually will tic less. Because he is so focused on them and enjoys them so much, then he gets a great deal of stress relief from this activity.

      How long have you been using neurofeedback? How long has your stepson been diagnosed?


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        Re: hello

        Hello Nikkiskye!

        Welcome to the TSFC forum...

        Steve offered some great advise to help. Relaxing and feeling safe is very important.

        Does he understand what TS is? Why he tics?

        These are important factors to consider. Once he does understand and realizes it is ok to be himself it might give him some relief.
        Puberty could be contributing or if he is comfortable at home and with the family unit. Blending families can be stressful and takes more effort. We raised five together and it was a challenge.

        Stephanie makes a good point too.

        Some tic more with video games others reduce the tics since they are concentrating. Timing can help too. We remove electronics earlier in the evening despite my son's wishes to help him relax before bed.
        We have found though if he reads (which he likes too) his tics reduce or diminish. Focusing seems to be a key factor for most and seems to be important to reduce the tics.

        Try keeping a journal to see if there are triggers you are not recognizing then remove them.

        Hope the ideas help, they have made a difference in our situation.