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  • Crazy??

    Does anyone ever just feel like they are going crazy? Like they don't know how they are going to cope with another day of ODD, ADHD, Ticing, actually the tics dont get to me that much. It's the not lisnening, having to ask 50 times before any response, arguing over everything down to a glass of milk, having to follow them around to make sure things get done. I feel like I am either going in circuls or spinning my wheels. On top of my own health/mental health problems I am exausted. :'( :-[ There just never seems to be an end in sight. Yes I have a councilor, but they keep changing because it is through the local mental health services. I am tapped out at the moment, my partner is talking about leaving after x-mas, my kids is going in for a 1 mth. hospital stay after x-mas, I guess I am just supposed to keep going like the energizer bunny.

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    Re: Crazy??

    I feel am going crazy all the time. I'm hesitant to suggest this because I only have one child but what I do is that for every hour I have 5 minutes. I do set it up so that Nicholas is doing something he enjoys, but I get to go and have the time to regroup. As pathetic as it sounds sometimes all I do is lie on the bed and hug my pillow. But it always better afterwards even if all hell is breaking loose. As well I always have something I'm looking forward too even on bad days.


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      Re: Crazy??

      I think we all can find ourselves at the point you are describing at one time or another and the pattern of behavior can seem endless when it is bad. It is the little moments that balance life out for me.

      My son is not fond of these tips but they do work and I find myself not wearing down as quickly.

      I have used poster board with only three items on each that must be done. I scatter them around the home in trigger places like the refrigerator, inside door the the washroom, bedroom wall.

      With my son I can only ask for one thing to be completed at a time. Give him three and the first one stalls and the rest fall on me.

      If I overload my son with tasks or choices then I get overloaded handling the back fire. Little things can bother him like were the milk is in the fridge and if he can get to it.

      All of his clothes inter change so I can put something out the evening before. On occasion my son will take what he would prefer wearing and because of the way I shop it all matches.

      He has his own hamper located outside his door. He knows now to put his clothes in it, especially have bathing. This has taken time...he also knows anything on his floor gets washed. That one he does not like, as he can try on several things before deciding what to wear.

      What you are describing is burn out. With your partner wanting to make a life change, you don't get that added support you need to keep the balance. I describe it as juggling balls and every once in a while one drops, then sometimes they all tumble.

      I suggest you speak to your physician about all the stress you are enduring. Call the crisis line for parents or the one from your mental health department, they usually refer to it as after hours contact.
      They have more time for you then the staff during the day. They don't hang up on you and they may even come to visit. Most importantly they track your concerns and report back during staff meetings in the early morning. This might cause you to have a more central care plan for you and your family as they see you more in crisis.

      The line is open 24/7 and the people on the other end of the phone tend to be great and informed through the mental health dept. They have helped our family find balance and sometimes will call back to see how we are doing. They don't mind if you speak to them more then once in one evening either, usually if necessary they recommend it.

      Don't feel bad about reaching out for some support. It is hard to keep those balls in the air all on your own.
      What you are experiencing personally can happen in some families. I regret you are living through it since it just adds stress to your situation.

      I hope you can feel some support here as I do personally understand what you are living. It will and can get better. With some help and local support you need for yourself you can plan out the next steps ahead of you and find some balance within the household.

      As a mom we are suppose to manage no matter what and we can't run...What you can do is learn some strategies to manage and find the balance you need so that you can demand a few minutes for yourself without feeling guilty or regretting it.

      Please keep us posted and take care.