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    I was wondering, what were some of the MUST READ book on TS+? I just started reading: "Children with Tourette Syndrome...A Parent's Guide" (Tracy Lynne Marsh). I have read "TWITCH AND SHOUT" and "I CAN'T STOP" to my son.
    I am going to go to the public library here and see if they can get in THE EXPLOSIVE CHILD" (Ross Greene) since Janet really recommends that.

    I want to make a list of good TS+ books then I can read them. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Book List

    Hi Crystal!

    I notice that you are in Whitecourt. Have you considered attending a support group meeting at the Edmonton Chapter for the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada?

    They are held the first Wednesday of every month at the Academy of King Edward, North Entrance, 100th Street and 86th Avenue, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Parking is available on the north side of the school and signs will guide you to our meeting room.

    We have an extensive lending library that you can access if you are a member of the TSFC. If you are not a member yet you can sign up at the meeting if you desire or online by clicking on the link in my signature.

    To answer your question about books I have found the following helpful in our case:

    For Kids/Teens
    Hi, I'm Adam
    Adam and the Magic Marble
    Quit It
    Kissing Doorknobs
    Bully on the Bus
    I Have Tourette's But Tourette's Doesn't Have me
    (really great for educating others including adults)

    For Adults/Young Adults
    Understanding Tourette Syndrome - A Handbook for Families
    Understanding Tourette Syndrome - A Handbook for Educators
    Educator's Resource Kit (which includes the Educator's Handbook and the Circle of Support Video)
    The Explosive Child
    Ryan - A Mother's Story of Her Hyperactive/Tourette Syndrome Child
    What Makes Ryan Tick?
    123 Magic
    Helping Your Anxious Child
    The Bully, The Bullied and the Bystander


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      Re: Book List

      I just heard about the Edmonton chapter and I am planning to try to come in for a support meeting. I am hoping that it will fall on my husbands days off. I am also going to become a member of the TSFC, i just picked up a pamphlet today during Chase's mental health appt. They are ordering more in so I can mail some to my family. Can you borrow books from the TSFC?

      THanks for the list of books!!! I will look into those.


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        Re: Book List

        Yes you can borrow books from the Edmonton Chapter if you are a member.

        Also I should have noted that some of the items on my list are video.


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          Re: Book List

          Thanks for all your help!!! I sent a cheque to TSFC to become a member and I also ordered the book "HI I'm Adam" from Chapters. I am going to order the other book through inter-library loan and see what I think I might want to buy.