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Strategies for Impulsivity

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  • Strategies for Impulsivity

    Hi Everyone!

    I am looking for strategies my son can use to help him with impulsivity. He is 13 with TS Plus.

    We just went through a very difficult few weeks. Things have settled down now since we got his sleep under control thank goodness, as I was beginning to think that he had no regard for rules or anything we might say.

    An interesting thing happened on the weekend which brought it home to me that we are dealing with his impulse control and not a behaviour problem. I had told our son that he could not go to the corner store to purchase junk food on Sunday. He tried several interesting ways to get there including offering to go grocery shopping for me! "Mom", he says, "I noticed we are running low on orange juice, bread and milk. I am willing to go to Safeway for you if you like." Nice try! This just after he tried to leave the house with his wallet in his pocket! (Upon discovering that he had his wallet in his pocket when he was telling me he just wanted to go for a walk, I took the wallet away and left it on the back deck. He then all of a sudden didn't need to go for a walk anymore! ha ha Then the offer to go grocery shopping was tried!)

    Later on in the afternoon I asked him to do something for me in the backyard and it seemed to take him too long. When he came back in I asked him what he was doing out there and he confessed that he had seen his wallet out back, so he grabbed it and started running for the store. About half way there he said he realized if he kept going he would have consequences when he got home so he turned back. "Awesome", I thought!

    I have come to the realization that if he is given a buffer between the thought and performing the action he will make the right choice. He is not blatantly defying us without regard to rules and consequences! :Big Grin:

    That is the good news. Now, how do we go about building in that buffer zone between thoughts and actions? Does anyone have any strategies that have worked for them?
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    Re: Strategies for Impulsivity

    thats great ummmm you know there is always discipline but I dunno how good of a suggestion that is I don't mean anything stern just explain that you will not be happy if he does something like that thats my only suggestion


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      Re: Strategies for Impulsivity

      I can't say I have anything innovative to offer but I felt I had to respond because I was so impressed at how your son controlled himself. It looks to me as though you are very consistent with giving consequences and that this is paying off. Also, that there is a lot of love and respect between you and your son and this base is giving him a guide and a purpose to try to control himself. Sorry I don't have any other ideas but I am sure someone out there will! Kristin