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Back after a long absence with an update

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  • Back after a long absence with an update

    I've visited this forum off and on for the last few years. My son is six and will be seven in March. He started pacing when he was a very small toddler. He would jump and hop like a frog back and forth in the living room. He doesn't vocalize much, just a grunt now and then. Hence, he has not been diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome. We were referred to an autism assessment fall '06 and yes, he is autistic. Aspergers I guess. He is compassionate, funny and talks up a storm so it's not the stereotypical type of autism - 'Rainman'. I see the stereotypical autistic as nonverbal, lost his/her own world, etc.

    So, I would like to thank everyone here, especially Janet who over the years has sent me personal notes of encouragement and check ins. I still doubt the doctors in many respects, they figured he wasn't Tourette because he doesn't vocalize but it doesn't seem to me they actually know that isn't necessarily part of it. Here in BC we do have support for autism. Have tried some occupational 'therapy' which was torture. My son is sensitive to high pitched noises so the ot thought it would be a good idea to expose him to annoying electronic high pitched noises to desensitize him. I don't know if it would have helped eventually but it wasn't worth the stress on my poor kid.

    No 'therapies' now. We are home schooling, he's taking cooking classes in Jan, skiing and gymnastics. Things are going well. I attend a local autism support group which I couldn't live without.

    It took years of going to doctors and being shot down, my son makes eye contact, can carry on an age-appropriate conversation, etc. So, none of the gps or pediatricians thought he was autistic or Tourette for that matter. I guess, after years of dealing with the medical system, all I can say is keep at them. You deserve answers. The diagnosis doesn't define our son in my mind, life is pretty much the same as it ever was, less stressful for us because now we know why he jumps and paces. And, I can explain it to others. Happy Holidays everyone!

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    Re: Back after a long absence with an update

    Hi Day

    I am so glad you visited. I am glad you have found the support you needed. I have missed our chats and have thought about you a lot over the last couple of years. I will always remember our first contact posts.

    I have not been here much lately because life can get consuming. I so enjoyed our chats and part of me has wondered if my son who still jumps and paces is autistic. There is autism in my family - two of my 1st cousins have sons who are autistic. My son doesn't have many vocalizations but he does have other symptoms in the past year that confirms he has TS- classic symptoms- but the pacing and jumping still feel like the autistic spectrum for me. His sensory issues are huge and he has dyslexia as well which is such a challenge for his level of confidence.

    Please stay connected with us. You deserve the best so happy new year to you too.

    talk soon

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      Re: Back after a long absence with an update

      Thank you, Janet. I, too, enjoyed our chats. I was so fortunate to meet you as our son's were basically doing the same things. No-one else I've met in the autistic community here has a child quite like mine. Most are stereotypical in their autism.

      There is autism in our family as well, Asperger I think. No cousins diagnosed, there are only three other kids in our family so far. But, it's obvious to me that some of the other adults are Asperger just not diagnosed.

      I was told by the child psychiatrist that about 10% of autistic people also have Tourette so it's possible your son has both.

      None-the-less, if you, your son and family are coping well enough, no point in putting yourself through the stress of a diagnosis.

      Take care, Day