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  • Daughter

    Hi all need some serious help with this one as im pulling my hair out,

    my daughter who is now 10 was told by doctors she may have ts about 4 years ago, in the last year her tics have worsend so she asked for help, she was reffered to a peadiatric neurologist who diagnosed ts with moderate tics and obssesive behaviour associated with Ts.

    in the last 2 years she has really struggled with school and learning especailly maths and science and numercy, she has aslo had problems keeping freinds and making new ones, although with the help og the school we have sorted the freinds out there is no sign of any ease in the subjects she has problems with.

    in the last year she has spent most nights near on suicidle because she cannot cope with school we have tears every night before bedtime and tears every morning before school. tonight she has told me she cannot cope with school or life anymore and to hear that from a 10 year old is frighteneing.
    i have contacted her specialist for advice to see if she may have a learning disability but he thinks not, could he be wrong are these signs of a learning problem im running out of ideas.


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    Re: Daughter


    Has your doctor been seen my a psychologist or a psychiatrist? If not, I would be talking to her doctor to see if this referral makes sense.

    Your daughter may be just overwhelmed with dealing with her symptoms and does not really know how to express her frustration. It is still distressing to hear her talk like this.

    Has your daughter had a pyscho-educational assessment to check for learning disabilities? If she does have learning difficulties that could be contributing to her overall sense of worth and her frustrations. If there are problems then knowing what they are will help you with strategies to overcome them.
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      Re: Daughter

      I was having the same behaviors from my son. The school didn't believe it could be a Learning Disability until I really forced the issue and had a pyscho-educational assessment done. The results came back that he was above average intelligence producing below average work. The school was amazed they thought he was "just being stuborn." They didn't think he was really that smart!

      He now has an IEP, is in an LD class at a new school and is thriving! His self-confidence has sky-rocketed, and we no longer have any problems with homework.


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        Re: Daughter


        My son went through the same issues (school, suicidal) when he was 11 (about 9 months ago). It seems to have been anxiety due to the overwhelming nature of his Tourette. He got overstimulated and due to the ticking could not focus on school work. He scored well on academic testing.

        It was at this time that we slowly introduced a natural substance for sleeping and then medication for the anxiety and resulting behaviour. I can only say that, with the right help, it can get better.

        Good luck.