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  • Presentaion

    Hi all

    my daughters teacher has asked me to do presentaion in class on TS so they get a better understanding. has anyone got or know where i can get a template from suitable for addrressing children to do this



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    Re: Presentaion

    Hello Lee

    Do you live in an area with a local chapter of the TSA? if you do, contact them. They provide someone to help you with this. I however live in a small town so we were on our own. On the American TS website there is a youth ambassador program. You can watch a little video of a girl giving a presentation to a class. We followed the suggestions almost word for word. We printed off the visual adds and my son and I gave a presentation to the class. We also had bought enough TS wrist bands to hand out to his classmates. It went very well, and there is truly a more understanding spirit in the classroom now. We are very glad we had put forth the effort to do it. I hope your presentation goes as well.



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      Re: Presentaion

      Hi Lee:

      We don't have resources for people doing their own presentations, but the TSFC provides an in-service program. You can check with the TSFC national office or your local chapter to see if there is a volunteer in your area who can provide an in-service to your school.

      If there isn't anyone in your area, you can check out the Educator's Kit. It has a video you can use to do a presentation. Many parents have used this to do a presentation. They show the video and provide some additional information and then answer some questions.

      The National office number is 1-800-361-3120
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