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  • Does Diet Help?

    Does anyone know if following some type of diet will eliminate some tics in TS. I was directed by a friend on the above website. Would anyone know if this is a scam or not. Also I was given some other information that avoiding foods containing yeast would help in eliminating tics.

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    Re: Does Diet Help?

    I am a firm believer that what a person takes into their body has a direct affect on their tics. I have seen a great improvement in my sons tics since we made some small dietary changes and added natural supplements. This has helped his tics but has not eliminated them. I looked at that website and I personally would be very careful with my $39.97 ;) If I, as a parent had truly found something that could help not only my child but others, WHY would I charge $39.97 for that information! It made me very skeptical. There are natural things we can do to help our children, but I worry that this site is praying on that desperate feeling of helplessness we all have after the diagnoses. Don't get me wrong I am not saying that this info may not help..... in fact it is a subject that needs more attention, but I am spending my money elsewhere.



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      Re: Does Diet Help?

      I personally have no information about the effect diet has on TS symptoms but I agree with Rhonda... save your money. There are many sites out there that prey on desperate families for all sorts of things.

      Your doctor should be able to point you in the right direction with this question and for "FREE".


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        Re: Does Diet Help?

        I can't speak to facial tics but for general reduced tics and improved (less oppositional and explosive behavior) we worked with a very experienced and conventionally educated pediatrician who also completed about half of a homeopathy program. Now, I'm pretty wary of the whole homeopathy concept but this guy is good. He encouraged us to carefully try, one at a time, then in various combinations, supplements including Omega 3 fish oil, Vitamin B, iron and a couple others. He gave us some brand names that he believed were most likely to have the most consistent content as well as least other inactive ingredients that might be irritants (gluten, starch etc). So we have tried them and so far see no negatives and possibly some positive results. We give our boy 1/2 an iron tablet and a B vitamin in the morning and he takes a fish oil in the evening. Plus a normal Kirkland brand kid multiple vitamin. This after working up to it one at a time. For a week or so at one point we wondered if we hit a sweet spot with the supplements. That didn't last but overall we think we see some modest improvement in overall attitudes so stick with it. I think we started in March of this year. Our Dr. was not selling anything and seemed very interested that we find reasonably priced, consistent quality stuff and seemed to prefer bigger more well known store brands - wish I could remember more details - left that to the wife. HTH


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          Re: Does Diet Help?

          This is the kind of thing that's really different for everyone. Some people are greatly affected by their diet, others aren't as much. It's a factor for everyone, of course -- you are what you eat -- but the degree to which diet changes will affect you is variable.

          Internal, physiological stress can be a trigger for tics, so minor food allergies or digestion problems can definitely cause tics to increase. If you're lactose or gluten intolerant, you may find tics increase when you eat certain foods.

          For others, simply eating more natural foods and cutting back on certain sugars or fats can improve things quite a bit.

          But some people may not notice any change when they adjust their diets. Everyone's metabolism is different, as is the way nutrients (and toxins) are used by or interfere with the brain.

          There's certainly no harm in trying a healthier diet, though -- so I'd suggest that's a good place to start for anyone with TS.

          I wouldn't put too much faith in that site you linked to, though. I'd be wary of any ebook site. Yes, diet can help. No, diet will not help everyone, and the specific dietary changes will be different for almost everyone.

          Also, this site claims that tardive dyskinesia is a side-effect of the drugs listed. In fact, Tardive dyskinesia is only caused by long-term use of antipsychotics such as Haldol in large doses. This is something that has happened to schizophrenics who have been given lots of Haldol over the years -- but the doses given to TS or TS+ patients are far too low to cause this.