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    My son's Tourette's is getting really bad and obvious lately and I've had to deal with the school a couple times about them mistaking his tics for bad, deliberate behaviour. They went so far as to call me and say that they will not treat him any differently unless he has a doctor's note saying he has Tourette's which was ridiculous to me. So I went to a family doctor referred to me for being knowledgeable in Tourette's and observing my son, plus the family history made it clear to him that my son had Tourette's. So, he wrote a note for the school saying that he has Tourette's causing uncontrolled tics and restlessness and he should receive special accomodation and a psycho-educational assessment. AGAIN, they call me saying the note is useless and means nothing to them and they still won't consider him as having Tourette's unless he has a complete assessment done by specialists, etc. This is nuts! I can't be taking more time off work and I know what he has, they can see what he has but I'm still getting the run around. I can't afford a psychological assessment myself and the waiting list for the Toronto clinic is supposed to be very long. I'm tired of the school system already!!!!

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    Re: School Troubles

    omg I hate hearing about these schools I wish that the schools could actually be helpful and give some support I hope I dont sound to angry but it bugs me how schools are like this and dont even consider these things. in my oppinion go to a different school if you can. I probably would have turned out a lot differently if I didnt have support. You should push the seriousness to the school or get someone to come in or sumthing. maybe Im over reacting but it bugs me how bad schools can be


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      Re: School Troubles

      Hang in there -- it is almost summer.

      Unfortunately the last few weeks of school can be some of the worst for kids with TS and other neurological difficulties. The routine of school starts to break down with more special events, special projects, etc. -- plus, of course, the anticipation of changes to come both with summer holidays and possibly worrying about what will come next year.

      When you say 'the school' is responding -- who at the school? Has this gone right up to the principal?

      Your best tactics at this point may be focusing on success for next year. Make sure your son is on the list to get an assessment through the school. Do you have an IPRC? (I am assuming you are in Ontario since you mention Toronto) If you don't have one already, request one. Though TS is not one of the

      Despite the possible long waiting list at the Toronto clinic -- get your name on the list.

      I am with you in not understanding why the school is insisting on a full assessment done by a specialist. Any doctor can diagnose TS. Unfortunately not all doctors understand the disorder, but it sounds like you are lucky enough to have one that does. Have you asked him whether he has any experience dealing with schools? Or, whether he has other suggestions?
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