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Cold + Tourette's

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  • Cold + Tourette's

    My son got a bit of a cold last week and started with a sniffling tic. The cold is improving but now he has a REALLY bad sniffling tic where he's blowing out through his nose a lot. He sounds like a little air compresser. The teacher called as she didn't know how to handle it as it was so loud by the end of the day and she wants to tell him to 'stop it'. I told her he doesn't even realize he's doing it as I'll remind him and he'll apologize to me and try to tone it down. So, I told her to remind him but not to tell him to stop it as that's not fair to him. It's so hard as I don't want teachers to dislike my son or me for defending him.
    Is this normal or abnormal for Tourette's?
    My poor son has strange, horrible tics all the time. He was almost exclusively movement and facial tics but in the last months he has been making noises, grunting, etc. too.
    For those that don't recall, he is only 7 and his father also has this condition.

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    Re: Cold + Tourette's

    It is common for my son to "pick up" tics or compulsions as a result of his environment. We are always very careful with what we say or do as we never know if it will turn into a tic for my son. These "picked up" tics usually do not last very long but occasionally one will stick.

    One example is last year his teacher told all the kids to "shake their energy out" when things started to get a little disruptive in the classroom and she wanted them to settle down for a lesson. My son now has a tic where he needs to shake his hand! LOL This one seems to have stuck as it is still here a year later!