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  • teen looking for parents advice

    ok hi for those that dont know me I am 16 turning 17 and I need some suggestions for focusing..... well mainly on school and my coding like currently Im doing school online and I have trouble focusing prolly cause of the little ocd grunt in my head (ocd grunt is the name i came up with for ocd) anyways I get easily distracted like end up browsing the internet or with something else, like I get this thought in my head that I can either clean or do homework or come up with business schemes or something like that anyways when I do work on my homework I find it hard to focus one coping strategy I have come up with is to listen to music to block out the other sounds, often times though something else comes up like I have to babysit during the day cause my sisters are sick or screaming and refusing to leave and my mom works in the morning, or I have to go to work in which I feel like I cant get any work done that day like if I have to babysit in the morning then I start to get to work after but by the time i start to get anything done everyone else is coming home from school and wanting me to play a game with them and I try to get my work done but ocd keeps yelling saying this is your only chance to have any remote chance of having a social life so I try to get some work done but end up stuck on the games now before anyone says anything like well maybe you should take away the game system Im not even going to go there because that is like the only form of entertainment I have currently and is like the only way I can communicate with friends at the moment. anyways though next year Im going to try regular school but right now Im falling behind, I have been going into work with my grandpa in the morning so there are less distractions but its been happening more and more that one of my sisters is home sick and I have to babysit, now if its the youngest that pretty much ruins my homework day because I feel like I have to stay with her so she doesnt get into trouble the older ones not so much a problem..... only problem is when more than 1 is home it gets quite distracting its getting even harder because they are starting to become hormonal. I live in a house with 4 little sisters and my mom.... so anyone have any advice? mainly Im having issues with all the unexpected things that come up in life, and then again the only other option I could think of I wont consider I dont want to go live with my dad... dont get me wrong my dads a great guy but he drives me crazy hopefully I havent gone on to long of a rant I just wanted to express how I felt oh ya one other thing I kind of have the problem that I dont get out much and dont really have any friends that I can/want to invite over are in newfoundland......... and Im gonna try to start going to the saturday night youth group at the church but I feel like I cant for some reason my mom says we are going to start going to saturday night mass and I can go after but we havent and I have ended up playing with my friends on the internet oy ok I feel better for expressing my feelings

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    Re: teen looking for parents advice

    Well hey there - I'm a mom of two teens with OCD and one has TS on top of OCD. I also have OCD and mild TS when I was in my teens.

    You wanted some advice to help stay focused. I know it's difficult first of all when ocd is in your head........I describe it like a teleivision set in your head that you cannot turn off and you cannot change the channel - it's like a racing mind or intrusive thoughts. It's difficult to turn it off - sometimes you just need to sit for 10 minutes and let the thoughts flow - give yourself a shake and then start with a plan........... These are 5 words to focus on: "Do The Necessary Things First". Set a goal of one thing and try to accomplish that one thing. If you succeed, you will find the determination to set another goal. You also have to reward yourself - so set a goal to finish one thing and then reward yourself with something you enjoy (computer game time??), whatever it is you enjoy doing. Give this a try and let me know how you make out.

    I'm a good sounding board since I've been through this myself and have raised two teenagers - still raising two teenagers. Some of the frustration you experience is normal for your age, however the ocd and ts require more concentration and thought because our brains are wired with more road maps then people without ocd and ts. All the best and email me any time if you want some support.
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      Re: teen looking for parents advice

      thanks for the advice I will continue trying that :D