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  • Parenting books?

    I thought this was suppose to get easier as they got older!!!!!! Does anyone have any suggestions on parenting books..... FOR SPECIAL NEEDS KIDS!!!!!!! conventional parenting don't seem to be working any longer. Its not the tics that is the problem. Its all the other stuff! The impulsivety,OCD, the anger and disrespect. Someone once told me that TS is a whole different world when they hit the early teens/teens. My son is only 11 and LOOK OUT!!!!There seems to be no help. Any suggestions? PLEASE

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    Re: Parenting books?


    Have a look HERE to see if there are any books that can be of help

    Also there may be some topics of interest HERE

    TouretteLinks Forum


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      Re: Parenting books?

      Thanks Steve,
      I wasn't sure I was going to get a reponse.... the forum has been so quite. I found a few books that I hope will help, and ordered them in to my local library. Its hard to find what I am looking for, when I don't really know whats needed. Running through mudd.... It aways feels like I'm running through mud. so much effort ....and never getting very far


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        Re: Parenting books?


        I know that this response is a little late... but hang in there. Make sure that things in your life are calm (including the people), research and learn (as you seem to be) and 'stay the course'. My son is 14 and life is much calmer than is was a few years ago. One of the specialists that deals with Tourette indicated that he believes it is a 'developmental disorder' in the context that it does sometimes improve with time as the child matures. I can't say what I think of that concept one way or the other but I know that some days it is very lonely and isolating... and then other days, you almost forget that your child has Tourette. I'm not saying that it is easy ... but it is what it is and we need to adapt the environment sometimes to help our child succeed. You are definitely not alone!