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Unfair punishment in school

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  • Unfair punishment in school

    Ontario's "zero tolerance" policy for disciplining students is open to bias against the disabled and racial minorities according to Ontario Human Rights Commissioner Keith Norton.

    Do you feel there is confusion and subjectivity in this policy?

    "Principals and teachers are receiving two contradictory messages, one advocating `zero tolerance' and prescribing `mandatory' action and the other directing them to apply mitigating factors," according to a commission report.

    There is some evidence "mitigating factors" aren't sufficiently recognized for disabled students, such as those with Tourette Syndrome and other impulse-control problems.

    Are school boards, and their employees held accountable when bias subjects youngsters to unfair punishment?

    How can children with Tourette Syndrome in school be assured of fair treatment by teachers and school boards?

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    Unfair punishment in school


    We've already lived it with our son. If a teacher does not understand TS, ODD or ADHD and triggers how can they decide when to punish and what is not appropriate?

    If a teacher sets your child off with their own behavior and unrational opinions of your child because of ignorance and fear how can you reverse it without shaking them silly?

    If a principal see's more of you then your spouse it is time to rethink the system your child is attending.

    Obviously there are many factors involved in any case but there should be a standard to follow for everyone and a standard to fall back on in cases of children with disorders.

    The rule that no one should be physical hurt or hurt themselves should be a standard anyone should follow. A parent should be called to assist and give direction to staff while they drive there to help avoid the emotions from peaking.

    My son is only 12 and can read at a 10th grade level, yet he can't put his binder on the desk to write and must prop it on his crossed leg. His teacher would scold him for it and found it distracting.

    I would like my child to attend school with everyone else his age and not be bused to a system outside of our district only because teachers and staff do not understand emotional disorders.

    What can we do as parents to make the government wake up and understand?

    How can we require educators to take continued education classes to better understand our children?

    Do we need one voice to make our concerns clear?

    What do you think?


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      I am currently having problems with the school system. I am at the point now of home schooling my son. The crazy thing is that his rages are less and fewer and far between this year. New principle. My son has be out of school for almost five weeks. He is embarrased and wont go back to school. He loved school and he is so smart. they waited until his rage was full blown before taking him to histime out place. Now he sees it as a punishment.

      I am a single mom, (father is involved in his life) unable to work very much now. The system here in terms of disablility and income support is very poor. I am in financial crisis. I have next to no support. Any suggestions. I live on PEI

      the more I think about it, the more i feel that homeschool is a better option until he gets through the worst of it. He is 8 and has entered puberty early. He started showing symptoms at 1.5 years old. Rages were daily and lasted for hours sometimes well into the night. Now his rages are shorter, still powerful but much shorter.
      He has TS-Plus


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        Unfair punishment in school

        Hi Tammy

        Has the school been in-serviced on TS? You may want to contact the TSFC and see if there is anyone in the are to conduct an in-service for you. There is absolutely no cost to having someone from TSFC come in and conduct an in-service. Have you talked to the new principal to find out what is happening at school?

        As for the rage, this is often caused by the internal frustration of everything happening around your son and to him. He may not have the language to express how he feels and that only causes more internal frustration. I too have a son who just turned 8 this week who has TSplus and last year he raged everyday. He could never find the words to tell me what was going on. We worked on using social stories and talked a lot about how he felt and taught him the words for some of the feelings he tried to describe... "frustrated, angry, hurt, disappointed" ... all word he could not retrieve when he would get so upset. He is settled now but it was a rough year last year so I know what you are going through.

        There are pros and cons to home school and this is discussed in another thread. It is not going to get any easier for him to go back later. 5 weeks is a long time but it may be easier to go back after 5 weeks than to go back after 5 months. Have you checked with your doctor to see what ressources are available to you for support? Often times there are systems in place that are not shared until you ask.

        Let us know what you think you need right now and we will try to direct you to the right place.

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