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Coprolalia and Copropraxia

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  • Coprolalia and Copropraxia

    My son will be 7 in May and He's had Tourette's since March 2011. He has a multitude of simple and complex motor tics and a few simple and complex vocal tics, but I'm becoming more and more convinced he also has Coprolalia and Copropraxia. My boyfreind disagrees with me on the Coprolalia. And it is FRUSTRATING to no end. So.... anyone here have any experience with this?

    Palallia (repeating words or syllables)
    Coprolalia (speaking obscenities or socially taboo phrases)
    Copropraxia (obscene gestures)

    He doesn't cuss. He says inappropriate things at inappropriate times. Like "Poopy" or "Butt". He'll be running through the house (ADHD) and just blurt out "DUMMY!" at nobody in particular. Then he'll get a sheepish look like, "oops" and giggles. That's just one example. This bothers my boyfriend and his 3 kids ALWAYS make a big deal out of it. And of course tattle on him, because potty mouth is forbidden. He also says inappropriate things at school and has been suspended from school for telling a girl to suck his wiener. (He's in 1st grade and NEVER hears that kind of thing at home). So I'm left feeling like I have to punish him for breaking the no potty mouth rule, but I also believe it's the Tourette's. I'm the ONLY one that believes it's the tourette's.

    He also will just blurt out a loud meaningless sound like, "BLAAAAAHHHHH!", especially when other people around him are trying to have a conversation.

    He also ALWAYS has his hands down the front of his pants. We have created a code word when he's doing it. "Pockets". This reminds him to take his hands out of his pants and put them in his pockets instead. This tic REALLY bothers my boyfriend's oldest boy, he thinks it's disgusting and implies that my son is dirty by saying things like, "ewe, don't touch me". Which I get, but I don't want my son feeling like he's dirty
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    Re: Coprolalia and Copropraxia

    Wow! This sounds very similar to my youngest.... please read the post below yours. I think the giggles (at least with mine) is a way to make it something funny instead of something he did wrong.
    I believe you
    Mother of 2 boys - 8 year old with TS+