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  • Mom to a jumper...

    I first posted on this forum in the General Discussions, I didn't scroll down far enough to see the Parent's section. I just posted this exact post in the Jumping section. I'm being lazy and reposting it here as well.

    My 4.5 year old jumps constantly unless he's eating, sleeping or otherwise distracted for short amounts of time. He hops like a frog, jerks his arms, skips, runs back and forth in the living room. He's vocalizing a bit, sort of like a grunt, it's hard to explain.

    He does this while we are out, shopping and visiting or even just outside in our yard. I ask him what he's thinking and he says 'nothing' although he looks to be in deep thought and concentration while he's in motion.

    He hasn't been diagnonsed with anything as of yet, we are seeing a pediatrician (first step after gp) at the end of Sept, we finally were slated for an appointment. Good news but the bad news this doc is retiring two days later! So, onto someone else's waiting list after that.

    I have strong reservations with taking him to all these doctors, I'm afraid his behaviour will be passed off as ADHD or 'just a phase'. It's gone on over a year now so it's not a phase. I've been doing some reading on Dyslexia, my dad has it and my brother was never diagnosed but did really poorly in school although now in his early 30s he a successful artist - well, he's making a living which is pretty good for an artist. Day

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    Mom to a jumper...

    Hi Day

    I understand Dyslexia is in your family but is there any other reason that has prompted your research?

    This site seems to share a lot of information on Dyslexia including fact sheets.
    Just Click Here

    Are you suspecting Dyslexia not Tourette?

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      Mom to a jumper...

      Hi Janet, I was vague wasn't I?

      I was reading about sensory disorders the other day. One online article suggested that some sensory issues could also be related to Dyslexia. Here's the article.

      My guy has numerous sensory issues, he only wears clothes when we are out, loud sounds terrify him, we have a set of industrial ear muffs in each vehicle and floor of the house and even his jumping could be related to senses not functioning properly together.

      I've often wondered if he was Dyslexic for many reasons, there is a common check list for preschoolers here.

      He fits most of it except he didn't talk late, if anything he was early but he fits all the other signs. He often gets really stuck looking for the right word to use, hasn't been very successful in recognizing his alphabet, etc.

      Anyway, I really don't have a clue I just want to educate myself.


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        Mom to a jumper...

        Hi again, I just read your post over, Janet. It's not that I don't suspect TS, he is vocalizing while jumping, it's just that I want to read all I can, especially about disorders which are in my family as well as TS, which I think an uncle has, he's very twitchy and does things with his face and clears his throat all the time.


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          Mom to a jumper...

          Hi Day:

          When you were reading about sensory disorders, did you look at information on Dysfunction in Sensory Integration?

          Some kids with DSI jump, twirl or turn around, etc. The movements seem to calm them.

          There is an excellent book by Carol Kranowitz called The Out of Sync Child that describes this disorder and provides strategies.

          One study I saw recently indicates DSI can be present in up to 10% of the population, and has a higher presence in kids with Learning Disorders. This disorder shows up frequently in children with TS.

          Kids with DSI are the ones that have problems with certain clothes that don't feel right, or sock seams that bother their feet. Shoes have to be tied 'just so'. Labels on clothing may need to be removed because they can't stand them. Sensory issues also show up in food - certain textures of food can't be tolerated.

          Kids can be either hyper-sensitive where they can't stand to touch certain textures, or to be touched -- some kids can't tolerate a hug. Or, they can be hypo-sensitive where they need excess stimulation in able to be able to get the sensory input their body needs. These kids might stroke or lick items because they are not getting enough sensory input.
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            Mom to a jumper...

            Hi Cathy, I'm reading The Out of Sync Child right now. I also have The Out of Sync Child Has Fun by the same author. It says on the cover, Activities for Kids with Sensory Integration Dysfunction. I figure we needed that one too.

            I believe my son definitely has SI Dysfunction. He needs tags cut and at home doesn't wear clothes, underwear only. He was completely naked for years but he likes teh undies that go down onto his thigh so he wears those now. He has a really hard time with food textures, he didn't eat anything but breastmilk for the first 18 months, he would gag if he put anything in his mouth. Now he is quite picky about his food. I tell the doc and he just sort of smiles because most kids his age are picky. :roll: But as a baby it was odd, he wouldn't mouth things like most babies. He's also quite sensitive to sounds, especially high pitched. We have industrial ear muffs on every floor of the house. The other day a friend and her baby were here visiting. The baby is 8 months old and was sort of squealing, my son crumpled. He refused to wear his ear muffs and cired and cried, he was in dispair. Some may see it as rudeness or just a kid being unreasonable, I saw real pain in eyes, it's so sad.

            Thank you everyone for the great info and support. Day