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Unsure of behaviour???

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  • Unsure of behaviour???

    My son is 6< has Tourettes, ADHD, as well as some OCD behaviours. My son now has started to flash us. Pulls his privates out lots. Im not sure if this is a tic, is it even possible to be a tic? OCD?? Im not sure and I cant get him to stop. Any thoughts, suggestions?

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    Re: Unsure of behaviour???


    I can see how this can be a concern.

    What does he say when you explain that this is inappropriate behaviour?

    Is it possible he may have been doing some childhood exploration with one of his playmates?

    Any chance this could be learned behaviour? To rule out any possibility of abuse, are you comfortable with anyone else who may have been in recent contact with your son, like a babysitter, or older playmate or adult?
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      Re: Unsure of behaviour???

      Hey Steve , sorry it took so long to respond. He just looks at us when we tell him no, that is very inappropriate. As far as playmates, he doesn't have any and doesn't go to anyone's house. We are comfortable with the people he has been with. Not to many people can take him. That's why I wondered if it could be a tick or maybe part of his OCD? It has gotten better.