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    My son just had his appointment with his doctor to review where he is at. He currently takes 3 mg of Intuniv but had really been struggling with Obsessive thoughts and anxiety so his doctor put him on 5ml of Fluoxetine “Prozac” (liquid so he can start at a very low dose). He has a psychologist but therapy is not really touching the “Bully thoughts” and he has been apologising a lot for having TS+ and for being him.

    Are any other kids on Fluoxetine and Intuniv? I am not sure what to expect side effect wise.

    I really struggle with having my child on multiple medications but if it helps him I am willing to try I just would like a heads up about possible side-effects and things to watch out for.


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    Re: Prozac and Intuniv...


    Your son's doctor has made a decision based on the symptoms your son has presented, combined with rational therapeutic experience to try to manage your son's symptoms.

    While no medication is "side effect free" adverse reactions are not predictable for a given individual, as everyone's body / brain chemistry is different.

    The rational for prescribing any medication is that the expected benefits outweight the risks of any inconveniences that may be experienced by most people.

    That being said, it's important to maintin an ongoing dialogue with both your son and his doctor, to keep the doctor aware of how the medication is managing symptoms, and if your son is experiencing any effects that impair his ability to function.

    Many medications need a bit of time for the person's body to acclimate to the new chemical balance, and in many cases some minor irritations like headache and perhaps nausea take a few weeks before stabilizing. However if an adverse reaction causes some form of impairment, the doctor should be notified so a modification in dose or medication can be considered.

    Medications shoul d never be stopped, changed or modified without fist consulting the prescribing doctor.
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      Re: Prozac and Intuniv...

      Hi Carly,
      My daughter has been on fluoxetine by itself for about 3.5 months and it has really helped. It doesn't make her life problem free but it has made it more bearable. Side effects have not been a big problem. I am all for wanting kids to learn skills to deal with things, but sometimes it is just too hard for them. They need the medication to take the edge off so that they can learn coping strategies. I hope it helps.