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best qualified doctors

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  • best qualified doctors

    Hi, I'm just wondering what type of doctors are usually best in diagnosing TS or related disorders,in adolescents or teens. Pediatrician, neurologist, psychiatrist? Anyone have a better experience with one over the other?

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    best qualified doctors

    I think the first criteria is knowledge and experience with TS.

    Any of the specialities you list could have indiviiduals who are either knowledgeable about TS, or have very little knowledge.

    In my experience, neurologists seem to have more background/training in diagnosing TS and its associated disorders. However, not all will have extensive experience in treating it. Many (at least in my area) will handle the diagnosis only and then will pass you to a pediatrician or other doctor for ongoing treatment/management.

    I would be interested in hearing if other people have had different experiences with the various specialties.
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      Re: best qualified doctors

      Originally posted by maria
      Pediatrician, neurologist, psychiatrist? Anyone have a better experience with one over the other?

      We were fortunate to find a pediatric psychiatrist and a pediatric neurologist.
      The comment about the process is on target: Some Pediatricians work on the disorder and managing.
      In our case the ped. psych lays the plan for others to follow in connection with med's, doses & recommends treatments. Everyone else follows and reports back to her and each other for progress reports.

      We have a pediatrician locally that travels from a teaching hospital that has a practice in town and works out of the local hospital. She works very closely with TS children and others with multiple disorders, mapping out the needs of the child and narrowing the diagnosis. She is very clinical but her work is very good to find the answers parents need.


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        best qualified doctors

        I gotta agree with Cathy. I've read so many instances where the parent has to educate the doctor. sometimes, the best you can hope for is to find a doctor that is willing to be educated and go through this journey with you.

        Good luck!


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          keep hunting and reading

          We have seen many doctors, psych's, counselors, RSNs, ETC. We finally found a clinic for Tourettes patients, it is a drive but highly worth it. The clinic is a team aproach and we have been able to access not just the doctor and therapists but an occupational therapist also. They can provide inpatient care when necessary and all the staff are TS "aware". A friend took her child to the associated Aspergers clinic there and he was an inpatient for 3 weeks and went to school there. There were able to observe real day to day behaviour not just "office visit" behaviour. Also this way they are able to see if meds are really working or need some tweaking. Since our first visit in the spring we are down to one med from 3 and things are going a lot more smoothly on all fronts (home, school, friendships).


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            best qualified doctors

            What a wonderful resource you have in your area Rokarli! Unfortunately Tourette Clinics are not available in all areas, with the shortage of medical personnel, especially neurologists, the Tourette Clinics are either overloaded or dismantled.

            In what part of the Country are you located?

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              We are outside of Edmonton, AB. We moved here 2 years ago at about the same time my son was diagnosed. The local Childrens Mental Health program provided a RPN to work with us and she had worked at the Tourettes Clinic, so she picked up the signs in my son right away and arranged for a visit with the staff pscyh. After a year we were able to get a referal to the clinic to see Dr. Caroll. I know people who drive quite a ways to come to the clinic from all over Northern Alberta. I wonder if we would have had access to the same type of Clinic in Vancouver ? I can only say that this has been the best year since my son was 5. :D


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                best qualified doctors

                I think that every office that claims to be expert in TS+ should be REQUIRED to have on staff one adult with TS+, if nothing else as a consultant. I include my mother's office in that list, but she qualifies. I think just about everyone who works there is a carrier of the GTs gene. No, really. I can't name names, but take my word for it: most people in Special Education are for a reason.
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