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problems at school

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  • problems at school

    Hi, my son will be 6 yrs old on Nov. 20th and was diagnosed with TS at the age of 5 by a pediatrician. We were (my husband and I) at the conference in Montreal in order to better understand someone with TS, however I must admit that it's not easy.

    My son has not yet had a "formal evaluation" to see if he has ADHD etc. He is starting to have difficulty at school controlling his frustration. He also comes home with objects that don't belong to him and when I ask him where he got them from he always has a good excuse...."found in the garbabe"....."my friend gave it to me", etc. I know this isn't the case as he does the same thing with his sister (10 yrs old)....he will take stuff from her room and will hide it in his bedroom. Could this be part of TS/OCD?

    He his a great little fellow and we really want to get help for him. I want to have a formal evaluation done to know if he has TS + so that we as parents and the teachers can understand him. Would it be better to have the evaluation done by a private psychologist or the one from shcool?

    Any recommendation for a psychologist specializing with Tourette in Ottawa?

    Any ideas/recommendations would greatly be appreciated.

    Ottawa, Ontario

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    problems at school

    Hi Sylvie

    I too was in Montreal and I am not sure if we met. I was at the mothers group and demonstrated the "sock issues" if you were there .

    I have 4 boys, two of which are diagnosed with TS+ and the behaviors your referring to ie increased frustration as well as taking and hiding things are behaviors I have seen with my boys.

    The frustration can come from the lack of ability to voice how he is feeling and not being able to describe how he feels inside or even what is upsetting him. Did you attend the session with Ross Green?

    My kids and this is all 4 of them, have gone through periods of collecting things such as rocks, cards, etc. I have three of my youngest boys who are what we refer to as "hoarders". they will take and keep things in their special place and it could be a twist tie, a cardboard box, a bar wrapper, anything with no rhyme nor reason. One of my twin boys who is 5, is continuously taking things. We find things he does not own all the time. He will come home from school with a little toy in each pocket that he has taken from his classroom or he could have taken it from the daycare and says nothing. I could take them and return them and he may never notice but something compels him to take these little things that he feels he needs and he tells me stories too on occasion. I suspect it falls under the umbrella of the ADHD/OCD in that he lacks the impulse control not to take it / has the compulsion to take it. I talk to him every time and tell him the impact of his behavior on the person who owns the items, etc and I am always coaching him on the fact that he can never ever do this in a store. This is one of my concerns so I keep a close eye all the time when we are out and so far he has been really good about not taking anything.

    as for evaluation for ADHD, the schools are set up to conduct these but the only thing that some parents face is a really long wait list with the schools. I guess it depends on how anxious you are to get this done. If you feel it needs to be done ASAP you may want to look externally to the school.

    Cathy and Steve may be able to offer you ideas on who they are aware of in you area.

    I'm glad you join in here today and I hope we can continue to see you online. Feel free to post any question at all. there are many people on here who are willing to help and support you.

    talk soon

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      problems at school

      My suggestion is that if you have the resources I would look to have a private evaluation done. My experience has been that school waitlists are long and the school Psychologist will be looking at your child from a schooling persepctive primarily. this means that you may not get all the information you need as a family. Also, I would try to find someone who is versed in TS, ADHD, OCD etc. Many school psychologists would not be knowledgeable in all these areas and thus may not get a "complete" picture of your ds.


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        problems at school

        Hi Sylvie:

        We've done both private and school...

        School can look at the concerns a bit toward education and classroom but here is a twist to try.

        We went to the Mental Health Dept., they referred us to the Dr. to evaluate and the school stayed informed and was advised the way to approach the concerns in school.


        Go to your family Dr., get the referral and see if they are focused on TS and other disorders.


        Your family Dr. can refer you to a local pediatrician that specializes in multiple disorders and diagnosis. WE have one locally that works from the hospital. Great resource and if med's are a consideration they can help too.

        Your family Doctor should care enough to help you push through the system and find some answers. I understand the concern and frustration you may be feeling. You do not want the school to tag your child as "troubled." When they go there they usually lose focus on the needs of the child.

        My son use to bring things home all the time and yes at times found pleasure finding things in his sisters room to take. I am not sure if it is and OC concern, but maybe just the age range you are living through.

        He is twelve now and travels light, although he does like to collect coin around the house still. :lol:

        He filled his pockets with rocks, shiny little things, bottle caps, papers, you name it from around age 4 - 7.

        I am glad to see you on the forum and don't worry you are far from being alone.
        I look forward to you keeping us posted and you can always email or pm if you would like.


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          problems at school

          Hi Sylvie:

          Welcome to the Forum!

          There is a TSFC chapter in your area. They meet at the Royal Ottawa Hospital on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m.

          They also have an information line - 823-1471. If you call the line you can ask for the names of psychologists in the area with TS knowledge.
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            problems at school

            Hello Sylvie!

            Welcome to the TSFC Forum. There are great support rsources in Ottawa including a very active Chapter that Cathy referred to. If you need services in French, there are some Chapter members who can help.

            Please keep us posted on your progress, feel free to join in any ongoing discussion on the Forum or let any of the Forum staff know if you need assistance.

            Glad you have found our Forum!


            Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

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              problems at school

              I want to thank you ALL for your support and suggestions.