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Thanks Everyone!

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  • Thanks Everyone!

    All of your input is much appreciated! Thanks

    Initially Matthew was taking 10mg of Dexedrine (Spanules) as he also has an issue with swallowing pills whole. The medication worked well in terms of helping him to improve his focus in class. I noticed a real improvement in his reading particularily. What prompted the change was a routine visit to his pediatrician during which I mentioned that he was having difficulty falling asleep and there were still some difficulties at school.
    Mid December he was switched over to Adderal XR 15mg. Matthew has always had difficulties with impusiveness and making inappropriate statements, but what I have noticed since the change is an increase in not only these two, but increased anger and mood swings. I did notice in my reading that one of the side efects of Adderal can be emotional lability.
    As a nurse I worry that sometimes I read too much into what I see, but as a Mom I know my son and so I don't really feel I am overreacting.
    His first day back at school was "great" (today) according to Matthew, but I will be speaking with his teacher tomorrow as well. So far this evening things seem to be going fairly smoothly, with only a couple of outburts.
    I will also be speaking with our pediatrician tomorrow as well. Unfortunately, his office is 2 hours way. Ah, the joys of rural living...ha ha!
    Matthew also has difficulty expressing what he is feeling, and so I found that information very helpful. I have asked him different times after he has calmed down what it is that has upset him so much, or why he is so angry...and he often will say that he doesn't know why.
    I have meant to get the book The Explosive Child and will do so this week. I am sure it will open my eyes and give me agreater understanding of what it is that goes on inside this precious little boy of mine!
    What are your feelings on video games? I feel that the more time spent, the greater the probability of an outburst....and he definitely gets "stuck" on some of the games and feels a real need to "beat" the game no matter what! My other two(19,21) both played, but were able to walk away relatively easily after a while, but neither of them have Tourette's etc.

    Again, thanks so much for each of your replies, and I welcome more as you have time to offer them!


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    Thanks Everyone!

    Hi, I had to write when I read that you are a nurse. I am a nursing student (3rd year of Bachelor of Science in Nursing) and I have an 8 year old waiting for a diagnosis of TS and ADD. I don't feel that I read too much into my son's behavior actually I feel that I make a more accurate assessment of my son's situation.

    My son has mostly E rated video games but boy does he want the T rated! My son is able to walk away from the video games because if he gets too upset over them, then he knows I will put them away for a month. I had to do that once before.

    I hope things go good for you both tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Steph


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      Thanks Everyone!


      In connection with video games in our case, my son age (12) can't walk away from them no matter how frustrated he gets.

      If it doesn't work out for him and we see the agitation rise we have to pull the plug. When his anger burst were more often he would destroy or damage the Cube or Game boy advance.

      I like many other parents prefer him playing E games, there are some T games that are good though and have controls on "cheat codes" that make the game easier or will not allow the player to be destroyed and the entire saved portion will not reset.

      Fortunate for us we have an older boy (19) that plays all of them and knows what works and what won't. He plays with my son helping him along and provides steps to get him through the process.

      Getting him off the games can be another topic in it self. We have a cut off time for all video games to help him relax before the bedtime process that seems to work now.

      Computer games can be a concern too and knowing what they are playing is important. WE have a couple computer games on line that the eldest is a moderator of and team leader, this helps our son get through the process with ease and he has graduated in one game to a assistant moderation which helps players learn the game.

      His anger outbursts are much better now and he is learning how to express his feelings better and clearly now. I think they go hand in hand to control the melt downs.
      I can catch him before a melt down to clear up confusion and speak to him after he gets up set. I tell him that he can always express his feeling to us and he uses "key" words or phrases in school to sound the alarm he is in trouble without causing attention directed to him by the other students.

      It has been a long process but the improvements have caused a calmer home.

      Congrad's on the first day back being a good one!

      Keep us posted please.