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Home instruction for a child with tourettes?

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  • Home instruction for a child with tourettes?

    Our 9 year old son hasn't been able to attend school for two months due to his tourettes. We have tried sending him several times, only to have his teacher call us to pick him up as he is too disruptive.
    He has very atypical syptoms besides the normal vocal and motor tics. He has a hard time sharing, his head will hurt. He has urges to eat something and his body freaks out until he gets something in his mouth. He hears someone taunting him/making fun of him and he tells him to stop. He has conversations with himself. He get really upset and sounds mad, can yell or get angry, when he is not. He throws things, especially pillows.
    Anyway, the school wants to have a teacher come in to our home to teach him. It has to go through the board and a note from the speciaist as to why he can't attend school, which we have.
    Does anyone else have home instruction for their child? I would love to hear more about how it works and experiences.

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    Home instruction for a child with tourettes?


    It has been suggested as an option for us if my son is unable to attend his new school.

    I understand the program can be a good experience. I know the time they spend with the child is much shorter but I am not familiar with the weekly schedule. A Doctor recommended it to me if we can not settle my son into a school environment.

    Have you tried to find someone within the school board that could advise you on how they handle the program in your area?

    Each school district maybe a bit different.

    Hopefully you should receive some responses that can provide you some experiences others have had.

    Please keep us posted.


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      Home instruction for a child with tourettes?

      Hi Lit

      Is this being offered after all else failed with trying to accommodate your child in the main stream? Has the peer group been in-serviced or the teachers/staff been in-serviced on TS and the ways to support your child?

      The social aspect of school is difficult, but he will need to find his way. When teachers are knowledgeable about Ts they can provide a different type of support that we can not as parents. There are a lot of good teachers who can look at the educational needs of your child and help them achieve their goals.

      Families have achieved success with their TS children through many methods of education, including homeschooling. There are some other options to consider. Check out the private schools that are in your area. Many private schools are focusing on children who don't fit in the 'box' and that have problems with regular classrooms. Also check out what services are available to you in the regular school system. There are some programs that may fit your child's needs. Are there other parents of TS kids in your area who you can talk to? If you have a TSFC chapter in your area, contact them as well for any information they have on local programs -- both private and public.

      If you decide to pursue homeschooling, find out all the services that are available to you. Some services that are offered through school boards are available to parents of home-schoolers. Also look into the options of "cyber-school". This is available in Alberta, at a relatively early age (grade 3?), but I don't know about other provinces.

      Please stay connected there may be several people out there who can offer you more details on programs offered.

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        Home instruction for a child with tourettes?

        I didnt have too bad a time in school but now that I am homeschooling my life is probably 1000000000X better....this is surely something to think about and btw I am now 14 grade 9 and on the ONLINE homeschooling program in Surrey British Columbia