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Does your child have a voice?

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  • Does your child have a voice?

    As parents try to help their children cope with the symptoms of TS, some children often go through many medications. They get started, raised, and lowered in rapid succession and then the children become confused about their bodily states, what and why they feel the way they do, and what is under their control.

    How do you ensure your child has a voice in maintaining their sense of self? Helping a child remain a person through the process of being a patient is an important part of clinical care so how much input does your child have in the decisions that are made about the medications tried, increased, decreased or stopped?

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    Does your child have a voice?

    The answer to your question in our home is 95%. If the question or concern is raised by him or by his behavior I then take it to the Doctor.
    WE both listen to him since he is the one directly effected.

    It really helps that he is going on 13 and is capable of having a voice.

    It was not so easy when he was younger though, especially when Doctors tried him on everything you could think of, never thinking that TS could be part of his problem.