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  • Insurance??

    My three boy's ALL have TS and ADD/ADHD. We had applied for life insurance for them through my partners work and they denied them based on their Mental Health Issues. Has anyone run into this problem?? I live in BC. I think this falls into discrimination, and was furious when I got the rejection letter. They are only 12,10, & 7, and not at high risk for anything. Can anyone please help???

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    Hi ticsx3. I live in Whitby Ontario. My son was just diagnosed with TS and OCD. Does this mean when we want life insurance for him, or when he applies for it himself when he is an adult, that he may be denied because of this diagnosis? I would very much like to hear from someone who has tried this. Maybe someone old enough who has applied. Should we therefore make it known the diagnosis, or say nothing about it? We might not get the school support we need if we keep this quiet. You have a good question.


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      Hi Everyone

      I do not have any info yet on this question, and I agree a very good question. Leave it with me and I will try to find out what I can.

      TSFC Homepage


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        Insurance/school support....

        We plan on pursuing the insurance further to see if we can get a more clear answer from them why they were denied. Then we will take it from there. It may be that they just have to have higher premiems, we don't know yet...
        As for school, my school is involved, your son may at some point need an IEP, his Tic's may at some point be the point of teasing, I think that it is very important that the teacher, principle, counclor, all be as educated as possible to create a safe possitive learning environment for him. All my boy's including the 7yr. old are educated in their issues, I never call them Defficeits, Syndrom's, such negative words. All my kids are proud of who they are and that they are "DIFFERENT". Empower him with knowledge, have the school have an IN-SERVICE the TS Foundation is your area will do it.
        Sorry if I am to forward, I tend to speak my mind. My oldest was diagnosed at 7 and he is just turning 12 so I've been doing this a while, If you need someone to talk send me an email.


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          I don't believe I ever said welcome! I've been off the forum a bit lately.

          Your knowledge base and experiences will be a wonderful addition to the support network we provide on this forum.

          I also have to agree with what you said about the school and am setting up a plan for success myself with my own son in a new school.

          The insurance question is a good one. British Columbia laws can be much different then Ontario's and I've had personal experiences in the states that are not positive ones.

          It is good to know your rights, especially being a mom.

          You have an insurance commission and your local MP can direct you to them. You can ask your question and get a sound response with reasons.
          They can also give you a plan of action once you return to the insurance company to ask them why.

          There may be differences between the laws protecting those with medical concerns for life insurance vs. medical coverage.

          The structure of the group policy may also be the issue. Going to another insurance company or looking for private coverage may have to be your only option if it does not work out for you legally.

          Personally my daughter was covered years ago by "G" life and they did not discriminate against her health or deny her coverage. They did give me a base policy at first, but within 5 years I was able to upgrade it for more coverage. I was shocked since nearly lost her the year before.

          They have crossed the boarder from the USA to Ontario but I am not sure about BC yet.


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            Thank you

            I will look into what you said, thanx so much.
            Thank you for the welcome.


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              My son was also denied life insurance through my husbands company plan.

              So I went to the Gerber Life Grow-Up Plan and after filling out the appropriate forms he was granted a full life policy.

              It may not be alot now but I believe it doubles at 21 and he has the option of purchasing more when he is older.

              For my two kids ages 9 and 1 it costs us less than $12 a month.

              I hope this helps.


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                Gerber Grow-up??

                Where is that out of? I have never heard of it, is it canadian, in bc??


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                  This is the provider I was mentioning and yes they are in Ontario now but I am not sure about B.C.

                  It would be best to check the website.