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Trying another medication

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  • Trying another medication

    My son and I saw our pediatrician on Wed and he has prescribed a combination of Adderal XR and Risperdal. Since I last posted we had stopped using the Adderal for a few weeks on the advice of the doc to see if Matthew might sleep better and reduce the angry outbursts. Sleep improved, and there was a decrease in the level of the anger. When we saw him Wed I explained where we were at, and discussed my concerns about the impulsivity, inappropriate expressions, feelings of being "weird" etc.
    His suggestion was to try the Adderal 15mg once a day and 0.5mg of the Risperdal twice a day. His hope is that with the two meds Matthew will be able to decrease the impulsivity, anger etc while allowing him to sleep and function well in class and at home.
    I was hoping that someone might be able to share their experince with these meds.
    I want the best for my little boy, and if this will help I am willing to try. As anurse though, I am always concerned about adverse effects, and don't want to let that colour my view in terms of what may be helpful to my son.
    Most days right now are a rollercoster!
    Any advice is always appreciated!

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    Trying another medication


    You are fortunate to have a Ped that cares so much and is trying to help you find some balance.

    I can not offer any information about the med's or combining them you described.

    Our Doctor handles my son's condition the same way now and it has made a difference for us.

    I will say that using such a small dose to curb the problem is a excellent example of medicating symptoms. Hopefully other can offer some insight to you on this forum. Monitor the result carefully and keep you Ped informed.

    Please keep us posted on your progress.


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      Trying another medication


      The TSFC Forum does not have the expertise or qualifications to advise on how medications should be administered.

      Your physician should be your consultant in developing a therapeutic strategy that will work for your son. As you are aware through your professional training, dosages sometimes need to be titrated to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect for a given patient.

      If you are not comfortable with the therapeutic plan proposed by your son's pediatrician, you may wish to seek a second opinion from a specialist accustomed to working with these medications.

      As you know, these specialists might include pediatricians, psychiatrists, neurologists, clinical pharmacologists or psycho-pharmacologists.

      Perhaps through your professional contacts you may wish to have a conversation with someone whose opinion you would respect.

      Have you found satisfactory resources describing these medications?

      Consider using the Search function here on the Forum, and enter the search words "Adderall" and "Risperdal"

      Both medications are described and discussed in Treatment Options here on the Forum with links to online monographs.

      Let us know if you need additional information on these meds.
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        Thanks to both of you, Steve and PJK. I will watch and see what happens in the coming weeks. I'll also have a look at the area of the forum regarding the medications.
        This forum has a wealth of information available and as I said before, I appreciate it so much!
        I'll keep you informed of our progress.


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          Trying another medication

          I'll keep you informed of our progress
          Please do, and also share with us the decisions and choices you make along the way.

          Your experience will be valuable to other parents dealing with a situation similar to yours.
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            Trying another medication

            Hi MJ:

            Here are a few links to discussions around these meds. While we can not speak to or recommend medications, my comments throughout the treatment section of this forum is from the perspective as a Mom who has TS and two sons who are already diagnosed. I speak as Janet the mom, not Janet the moderator.

            I strongly recommend that you read everything you can on each med and ask any questions that are floating through your mind... don't dismiss any questions without asking.


            good luck and keep us posted

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