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    Sorry everybody, the more I find out about TS then the more questions I have. Actually I confess that I have always been the sort to ask too many questions. :roll:

    For those parents who have TS and see it in their children, is the tics stronger in them or you?

    My husbands tics have never been that bad however, my son's tics are starting to be so numerous that they are affecting his life. Steph

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    2nd Generation TS


    Don't ever hesitate to ask questions here! The purpose of this Forum is to address issues and questions of our members and without questions this Forum would not exist.

    I'll defer to others who have children with Tourette to offer an answer as I don't have first hand experience with this.

    My intuition would say that the severity of the disorder would probably vary from one person to the next and their place in the genetic tree would likely have no bearing.

    It's a good question and I'll be following this discussion with interest.
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      2nd Generation TS


      My tics are mild and my two son's have presented with more complex tics. When I l;ook back into my family I can see where in my previous generation the tics were even milder than mine. The other difference is the degree to which the associated disorders interfer with our lives... follows the same pattern as the tics.

      Great question and I look forward to what others gave to say

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        2nd Generation TS

        Hi Rosie,

        Welcome to the TSFC forum.

        This is what I have read also, that the further down the genetic tree then the more complex the tics.

        Why would Tourette Syndrome get worse (meaning the severity of the tics and/or it affects the ability to complete the activities of daily living ADLs) through the generations?

        Because TS is a neurochemical disorder, would the increase in severity mean that the body has a decrease in the ability to produce and maintain the chemicals in the brain?

        Sorry to hear about your scoliosis. Do you see a physiotherapist and do you have exercises for it?

        How has the TS and OCD affected your life?

        I am looking forward to your post. Steph


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          2nd Generation TS

          Hi Rosie,

          Thanks for the info and I totally agree with you that there is a lot of information that is incorrect and outdated on the internet.

          I have done searches for Tourette Syndrome on the various search engines and there are many web sites with inaccurate information. It is scary to think that people read this stuff and believe it to be true.

          Please jump into any discussion that you want or start a new one because we would love to hear from you. Steph