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    My 11 year old son's TS (which currently presents itself in coughing and sniffing) has become noticeably worse since he got the flu. It is starting to bother my 7 year old when he watches tv with him. I am able to try and concentrate on the show and not the TS but he can not. Are there any suggestions on how to handle this situation with siblings so everyone is happy and feelings aren't hurt. Neither of my sons want to leave the room and they only end up fighting with each other. My 10 year old doesn't really accept that he has tics and keeps saying he can stop them -- I try to explain to him that he can't help it but it only makes him mad. My 7 year old dosen't understand at all -- I try to tell him it would be like asking him to stop breathing for awhile but he is too young to grasp the concept. Any ideas from other parents with sibling problems :?:


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    Suggestion For Sibling

    What about using the analogy of when your 7 year old had a cold. Talk to him about when he last had a cold, how he sniffed when his nose was running. Ask how he felt when his nose was stuffy. Ask him how he would have felt if someone got mad at him because he was sniffing or clearing his throat because it was sore or scratchy because of his cold how would he feel if they told him to stop. Then ask him could he stop sniffing because his nose was running or clearning his throat because he was sick. Then draw the comparison to TS. His brother clears his throat because he has a medical condition like a cold not because he wants to annoy or bug anyone.

    I would suggest if they fight because of the tics during tv time they both lose watching privilages. If the 7 year old starts to make a fuss because of the noises after you explain to him he is the one who has some time out or has to leave the room.

    Don't forget the greater the stress the more the tics increase. Eventually the son without TS will learn to tune the noises out hopefully.

    My advise is never to discipline a tic no matter what it is and the child with TS shouldn't be penalized because of tics.

    Short of getting another tv it will just be something everyone will get used to. Soemtimes we all get to a breaking point when we just can't stand it, that's when as adults we need to leave the room or find an alternate way to cope.

    There will probably be time when the child with TS should be the one to leave the room to give everyone else a break, but that will come with experience and maturity. Having a talk about how sometimes the tics can bother people probably would help him, as long as he doesn't think he is bad for having TS.

    Hope this helps