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son with TS, SID, ADHD, LD's... considering homeschool

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  • son with TS, SID, ADHD, LD's... considering homeschool

    I am considering homeschooling my eldest son, who has TS. He is 11 and in Grade 5. He was diagnosed by the time he was seven, he also has ADHD and has been diagnosed with Sensory Integrative Disorder (which I think is probably part and parcel of the TS).

    He is a very anxious kid, and always has been. He has trouble settling down to sleep at night (we encourage reading for 30 mins and a hot pack in bed), and frequently tics during the night for short periods

    He has a lot of trouble processing what is being taught in the classroom (maybe CAPD?)? I think it all comes at him too fast, and not in a way that is helpful to him. He does not get resource teacher time, because at present, with modified requirements he is keeping his head above water.

    I am wondering what anybody's take is on homeschooling a kid with TS+, pros and cons. He is not having any difficulties socially at present, the kids in his class are very supportive, although they sure think the hypermobile joints he has are "pretty freaky"! (his words). He is actually pretty good about his TS, informed and fairly confident - but the schooling part of school is a huge issue.

    Interestingly, it is everything that came with his TS (except the actual ticcing) that is a source of stress for him!!

    My mom is really opposed to my son being homeschooled because she feels he?ll be lacking in social skills if he isn?t in a classroom with his peers. I don?t necessarily agree that being with his peers (who currently are kind but may become quite cruel in the next few years) is necessarily a good thing for his self-esteem, and I think his anxiety levels will be considerably lower at home. He will also have far more time to do things he enjoys (and is good at) if we can get school out of the way when he is not exhausted (not like he is now, doing homework/me reteaching the class work for two hours afterschool).

    Currently he has little time for ?fun? ? he gets up, goes on the bus, does school, back on the bus, homework, supper, bed. BORING! He does take guitar ? but rarely has time for practice; he takes jiu jitsu twice a week, participates in a boys club program weekly (which keeps him out past bedtime), and has a small paper route. As a parent, I?m having a lot of trouble seeing him so stressed all the time, and he is frustrated by it as well. But I?d hate to see him give up the few things he does that he enjoys ? and are good for him.

    I struggle to find the balance.

    Is anyone else choosing to homeschool or has anyone done this in the past (or been the student in this situation??)?

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    son with TS, SID, ADHD, LD's... considering homeschool

    Welcome to the TSFC Forum, Kristy!

    Glad you found us and hope you can find the info you need.

    I cannot comment on homeschooling as I don't have experience in that regards, but others on the Forum have, so we'll let them respond.

    I can suggest that whichever course you choose, in order to prepare your son for interacting with others successfully, you may wish to role play and rehearse how he would explain that his tics are involuntary and that he has Tourette Syndrome.

    Having a prepared strategy for dealing with classmates, teachers and eventually co workers provides your son with the confidence he needs to enter unfamiliar situations comfortably.

    Explanations should be a a need to know basis, as not every situation needs an explanation, so this is where role playing will help him.

    You may wish to get a copy of the Q&A brochure from a local TSFC Chapter or from the National Office to use as a resource piece.

    You are also welcome to download and print this Forum pdf document Titled "What is Tourette Syndrome"

    Feel free to join in any ongoing discussion or start your own.

    Hope you find the Forum helpful.
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      son with TS, SID, ADHD, LD's... considering homeschool

      Hi Steve,

      My son has actually comea long ways in regards to explaining his TS. We moved to Ontario from Massachusetts two years ago, so prior to moving away from all the kids he had gone from SK to Gr. 3 with in school we worked very hard to ensure he and his brother could explain the tics Steven has. The transition to the new school went very well, they have had two other kids recently with TS, so the teaching staff was very receptive to whatever information I had, and the teachers were willing to discuss TS in the classroom with the kids, and asked myself and STeven if he wanted to be there during that time to clarify any questions that might come up.

      As I may have mentioned in my post, his tics are actually the least of my worries - his friends have accepted them as just being a part of who Steven is - and we try hard to make sure he gets together one-on-one with his buddies during weekend and vacation times, just so they keep on remembering what a neat kid he is! At school he is not all that sociable, he is easily overwhelmed by the hubbub and prefers to wander around on the playground and watch, as opposed to joining in play, so it could be easy for them to forget!!

      Roleplaying is certainly an idea I'll remember - we haven't used it much to this point, but I can see where that would be very helpful in preparing for things like job interviews, especially where Steven likes things to be fairly predictable.

      Thanks so much for your response, Steve; I'll look forward to hearing from some others!



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        son with TS, SID, ADHD, LD's... considering homeschool

        Sounds like Steven is a well adjusted young man!

        I can appreciate how young Steven might feel more comfortable in having things predictable. I don;t like surprises, and when I was working, prior to retirement, I used to rehearse presentations to myself before the fact.

        It worked for me!

        Will be looking forward to learning more about home schooling, along with you. Hope Chloe will provide some feedback, following your inquiry.

        Be sure to let us know if we can help either with specific info you need about Tourette or with Forum navigation.

        Enjoy the Forum! 8)
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          son with TS, SID, ADHD, LD's... considering homeschool


          We too have homeschooling as a back up plan in our case. My son is 12 going on 13 in seventh grade. He has TS, ADHD, SID, Anxiety & currently PTSD due to his past experience away from our home.

          We have gradually increased his school time over the weeks to help him settle in better. Other kids are beginning to speak to him daily and he is forming relationships though currently distant ones.

          My son has not developed socially for a number or reasons and this is why we considered this format for school instead of home schooling. With ADHD it is hard to get him to settle in a home environment to do schooling. Although the course schedule is shorter in some cases at home we thought we'd try this first.

          The teachers have been educated about TS & SID with in service programs. The principal required it of them recently during a PA day. The students have also experienced a in service program outlining and better understanding TS & TS+. This has helped his experiences in school.

          Time will tell, but I'd like to give him the opportunity to socialize. In the past school work was usually done in school and no homework would be left to do by the time he came home. As long as he participates in class the homework is on a back burner.
          They understand his sleep patterns are not very good and we have some bad nights here still. It is very hard for him to shut his brain down for the evening and mornings are always a struggle.

          There are others that home school on this forum and I am sure they can off you some support and experiences.

          Please keep us posted and welcome to the TSFC forum. I am glad you found us.