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Is licking things part of TS

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  • Is licking things part of TS

    My son, who has recently been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, licks everything and anything. He has done this for a very long time and when we first started researching TS I thought I saw something about this being a behaviour often associated with it. He licks his hands constantly, his food, toys, even buildings. This is great during flu season!! He licks his shoulders and sometimes even starts to nibble on my shoulders when I give him a hug or we are reading together. Is this common?

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    Is licking things part of TS


    It is good to see you back on the forum.

    I've known of children with TS that lick their lips raw or have to have something in their mouth like a cord from a jacket.

    You son just turned 5 recently so the oral response could be partial something else.

    Have you discussed this with your Doctor? Was your son diagnosed with any other disorder?

    I would keep a journal and review it with your physician.

    I am sure others will be able to provide some experiences to share with you.


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      Is licking things part of TS


      It would be prudent to report your son's behaviour to the physician who diagnosed your son's Tourette.

      The licking may be a compulsion, as compulsive behaviors are often associated with Tourette.

      I once observed a person with Tourette have the compulsion to lick the mouthpiece of public pay telephones, before inserting the coin.

      Another person with Tourette had the compulsion to place his foot on the track of an oncoming street car in Toronto.

      Your physician may want to discuss some medication treatment options for the compulsive behaviors.
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