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    Does anyone have a child(son) with TS+ aspergers? My son is 10, we have had him tested once already and he tested negative because I could'nt remember enough of his childhood. He is going for testing again tommorow by a different Dr. who specializes in this and I have watched video tape up to 2yrs old and have figured out that he DID'NT TALK...he never said a word his brother is 19mths. older is running around talking up a storm and he is totaly silent. It is kind of is hard to remember that far back usually you do these things before they turn 3 and now he is 10 I dont know what to do...HELP!!!!

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    TS+ Aspergers

    Something to think about:

    Did he possibly walk before he really crawled?

    I learned about this the hard way with my daughter. She ran on her first birthday and was speaking in short phrases then just stopped talking for eight months.

    I was told by our family Doctor that crawling produces a chemical in the brain that forms speech patterns. Once she began crawling again within 12 months she was speaking again but the process was scary. She then needed speech therapy for three years when she attended grade school and I pulled her out of French immersion for this reason to relieve stresses.

    I am not sure if any of this relates to you but thought I should share.

    take care,


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      No he crawled then walked but did lots of sitting around. He just didn't talk at all it seems, atjust over 2 he was still just saying mum very few simple words, he also needed speach therapy at about 4yrs. old. Even then it took him years to get lots of sounds properly like TH even at 7 he was still saying F. He has very poor social skills, he pretty much follows his older brother and his friends around. When we have a house full of kids he is very immuture, he has several learning disabilities, and temper tantrums over the weirdest things, like dinner not ready.


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        TS+ Aspergers

        Well, I don't have a child with TS and Aspergers, but I have both myself.

        My older brother didn't talk until he was 3, at which point he started talking in full sentences. No need for speech therapy, until he started to stutter at the age of 6 (brought on when a teacher tried to force him to be right handed, when he is completely left handed). He very obviously has Asperger Syndrome, too. Even though if he would get diagnosed, he would likely get the label High Functioning Autism. The only difference is that HFA has speech delay, and AS does not. A lot of specialists question this distinction, and so do I. Because by the time he was six and I was five, you wouldn't have known the difference, we were so much the same.

        I hope that this specialist is more helpful. A lot of doctors know very little about AS, but think they know a lot. They are very unhelpful and make things worse. If he gets officially diagnosed he can get so much help! I know I would have benefitted greatly from being taught what to do and say in social situations, and how to stand up for myself, so as not to be bullied to death.

        Anyway, fire away if you have more questions. Or, if you like, let me know if you want to have my e-mail address, and I'll send it to you by PM (I won't post it in a public forum).

        German citizen, married to a Canadian for 28 years, four daughters, one son, eight grandchildren (and one on the way).