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My Son (grade 9) with Tourette's in Oakvillle, ON Canada

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  • My Son (grade 9) with Tourette's in Oakvillle, ON Canada

    Our son has tourette's, OCD, LD and totally unrelated he has fine motor difficulty and is hard to understand when he speaks. He is a chess competitor and a poet. He is in grade nine and is not cooperative. He has decided that other than English he has no use for any other subjects and will not do any work other than English. He is very isolated, has no friends and is on the verge of being at home full time in the basement. Homeschooling is probably not an option since he will not cooperate or do any work except in his narrow interests. I am looking for any alternate education options for him. He is very bright, loves to argue his point of view, is very contrary and has a fabulous sense of humour.

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    My Son (grade 9) with Tourette's in Oakvillle, ON Canada

    Welcome Paule,

    It is great to meet you here on the Tourette Syndrome forum!!

    Your son sounds very intelligent and determined to excell at English.

    Does he have any loss of appetite or decrease in sleep? Does he seem sad most of the time?

    I would be concerned about his isolation therefore I would suggest taking him to his doctor and discussing your concerns.

    When was he diagnosed? How is your family coping with the teenage years? Steph


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      My Son (grade 9) with Tourette's in Oakvillle, ON Canada


      Welcome to the TSFC forum and I am glad you found us.

      What you are describing I can certainly relate too myself.

      In our area there is another option of trying to teach at home with an educator coming to you.
      This option has been on the back burner for us waiting to see if my son will adjust in the school system.
      I found him bored with subjects and like your son is not impressed with other languages. He was tested and found to be ahead of the other students in one subject so they customized a program for him. It has helped.
      Sometimes our children walk to a different drummer. For this reason it is very important you consult your physician of the concerns you mentioned.

      The isolation can be a reaction to how he feels inside about himself or life. With proper support and guidance and most importantly keeping the professionals informed it can improve.

      My son has TS+ and I have been through much of what you described.
      I could not have done it without our Doctors direction.

      Have you contacted a local TS chapter? How long have you been working with your son and the diagnosis? Does your son understand what TS is?

      There are other threads on the forum about discussing TS with children and most importantly once they understand that they are alright and it is OK to have TS the self esteem raises and the isolation can improve.

      Please keep us posted on your progress and I look forward to your rely.


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        My Son (grade 9) with Tourette's in Oakvillle, ON Canada

        Hey Paula. Welcome!
        Your son sounds like me when I was younger. I decided only english was useful aswell parnets freaked cuz by 5th grade I learned how to ditch. I to have learning disabilities and OCD. Looking back one reason I told every1 that I only found english useful was because I was good @ english. I couldnt handel failure, so I wouldnt try.....It really tore me apart when I would try something and then get a C on it. So I had this attitude that grades couldnt define me and I wouldnt let it by not trying. How could they say I was a D student if I didnt try? I was really defiant and opiniontive and in your face kinda kid and it really pissed my parents off cuz they couldn't argue with there 10yr old kids dogma. It seriously didnt make sense to me why we did the stupid stuff we did in school and I was freaked out about wasting time with me life. So i did the things I wanted to do...Does he have an IEP? That has helped me. What also helped me was medication.....itw as kinda a last resort my parents took me out and homeschooled me and sent me to a Charter school with like 15kids a class. that REALLY helped. Smaller learning enviorments helped me. Right now im a Jr in HS and have chosen to graduate a yr early. But ditched school for like 2weeks straight and cut the possibility short and but im graduating passed with D' so proud. haha. Well im happy because learning independlently has always been my way to success. Maybe it will with your son too. Ive taken some college classes and have gotten A's...b/c its broad it allows me to think my way and express it. up untill HS that wasnt the case it was D's and C's. People learn in different just have to find the way your son learns best. Maybe try making things more indeprendently? I dont really know im running out of advice. I didnt snap into the "i like to learn mode" untill 10th grade. For me I was upset with school because I felt like it pushed me into a limited space of mind. Teachers gave me contructive critisim and determind how my style of learning was before I determinded it myself and thast what made it hard. Good Luck and take care. Were here to listen :D


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          Re: My Son (grade 9) with Tourette's in Oakvillle, ON Canada

          Thanks Alley and Paule, I have been struggling with my son with school as well...He just finish grade 5....I found that he sees the other kids doing will getting it. He ask me one come they seem to get it and he can't. He has to work so hard and it must be exhausting and feel so beaten up by the end of the day... Also he shut down in grade 5 its like he could not get it at there speed and he shut down...Also found that in the last year, if I want something from him we set rules out..This has to happen before yours does or it will never happen, his doctor told me to watch for that because TS kids can be so this way.... wish u the best louella


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            Re: My Son (grade 9) with Tourette's in Oakvillle, ON Canada

            I'm looking for a doctor in the Mississauga/Oakville area for my son (in university) who is struggling with Tourettes, OCD and ADD. Do you know of anyone in the area?


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              Re: My Son (grade 9) with Tourette's in Oakvillle, ON Canada

              Welcome Kathryn!

              I am so sorry for the delay in responding to you! I just now noticed your post.

              If you give the TSFC a call they should be able to point you in the right direction. You can get contact information for the chapter nearest you and the National office by clicking on the link in my signature.

              Good luck and please keep us posted!


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                Re: My Son (grade 9) with Tourette's in Oakvillle, ON Canada

                you know what might help just finding him or her a good friend even if its one over the internet finding a friend who he can talk to is good friends that you can play with in person are better like I made a lot of friends by going to a youth group at the missionary church in our town and they have just embraced me and been great friends so try to get him/her talking to people