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    When I first started posting on the tourette syndrome forum my son was having problems with almost every aspect of school.

    After months of reading and posting on this site, I found better ways to help him.

    Even though I am a nursing student and we help guide people to the highest state of wellness possible, I really appreciate the support I have gotten on the forum.

    He is now doing excellent in school and I would like to thank you all for your kind words and support.

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    The purpose of the team of volunteers and members of our online community is to help and support others who are looking for ways to deal with Tourette Syndrome in their lives.

    It's very gratifying to hear that the efforts of all those who contribute to our Forum were helpful to you.

    Thank you for taking the time to share that, and it is through the contribution and participation of devoted Forum members such as yourself that our community can flourish.

    I hope we can look forward o your continued participation in our Forum!

    Warm regards,

    TouretteLinks Forum


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      Thank you Steve,

      Your kind words are more than I deserve.

      Hopefully I can stay a member of the Tourette Syndrome forum and give as much support to others as I get for my son. Thanks again, Steph


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        I am glad you feel they way I do. This is why I took the time to volunteer.

        This forum has made a major impact on my family and being able to provide support and share personal experiences to help others really makes a difference in my life.

        You went through many of the stages we all have been through during the course of gaining knowledge and dealing with the personal & emotional side of the diagnosis process. And we will continue to learn together :D

        I hope you continue to be an active part of the forum and am very glad you decided to stay with us.

        Take Care!