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  • School Issues

    Well Donna made a great suggestion to have a topic on School.

    Tell us your experiences with the school your child goes to.

    Has it been a positive experience? Are you able to access resources?

    Has it been easier or harder as your child has grown?

    How has your child able to cope with the demands of school and socialization issues? Steph

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    School Issues


    The topic already does exist but within General, Intro & Parents.

    Unfortunately the program we currently have can not handle more topics like the above listed.

    I have considered running the question by the rest of the volunteer staff if we could centralize to topic by moving existing posts in one area.

    I am thinking the Parent section would be a good possibility.


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      School Issues

      Then probably delete these posts.

      Double postings only clutter up the forum.

      Centralizing the topic would be great especially because school is a very important topic with our kids. Steph


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        School Issues


        I think we need a fresh topic to thread and you did it.


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          School Issues

          I have had a few bad experiences with schools in my early days in the TS world. As I have grown in my knowledge and understanding of TS, I have certainly been able to have more control over what happens in school. The process in NL is that there needs to be an ISSP which is the same as an IEP in other provionces and I am the ISSP manager of all my kids' files...

          The biggest influencer in the parent/child-school relationship is the culture of the school. In the schools that are focused on the needs of the child not the needs of the teacher the admin and teachers tend to be open to all the info you can provide. What I have found is that many of the teachers in the current sysytem have no understanding of the neurologies and disorders until they are faced with it in the classroom. Unfortunately all teachers are not educated in these areas during their training. We are seeing here in NL that newer teachers graduating are coming out with more understanding and exposure to strategies for the classroom. I personally believe that all teachers should be trained in special education because most kids are mainstreamed these days.

          Our current school has an incredible culture for accepting individual needs and for creating an all inclusive environment. Building a relationship with the teachers at the beginning of the year is where it all starts. Remember you get more bees with honey so having realistic expectations of the teachers is also very important.

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            Re: School Issues

            I am so glad that the school, parents and the rest of the world are learning more and more about TS. After reading the book I have about TS( I got to learn about TS for my son). That I think i have TS, I had motor and verbal tic's and still have some. But I was always told it is just a bad happit. I could never focus in school, I was unable to read something and then answer guestions about it. I mix up numbers, my handwriting is terrible. I found it really hard in school, but I never knew why. Even now some sounds bother me and I have the gift to gab, even about topics than I enjoy, but not everyone else, i have no selfesteem. I am so glad that there is so much information about it now. I know that my son can get help.
            I wonder should I go to the doctor myself, or living with it this long that i don't need help now. I just wonder would it help me better with my son.