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Diagnosis required or not?

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  • Diagnosis required or not?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to this site and just looking to gain or offer support when needed. My son is 14 yrs old, he has not been officially diagnosed but we have suspected TS for the past year. He had eye blinking when he was about 3, and much later on some vocal tics (clearing his throat). We were pretty sure that they were just his "habits" . Now that we finally clued in, we went to a support group and have done much research on TS. I'm still a little confused as to whether it is beneficial to get an official diagnosis or not. My son has mild vocal and motor tics that don't seem to be interfering with his social life or his school work. However, at times he seems withdrawn and is not interested in discussing TS. I told him that if he ever wants to ask questions or discuss anything he is more than welcome to. The family doctor asked why I would want to have him diagnosed, others say it would be better to know for sure. It doesn't make any difference to me, but would it make a difference to my son? Anybody have any thoughts on this?

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    Diagnosis required or not?

    The reason I am seeking a diagnosis is incase I am wrong and it is something else and cause my son starts kindergarten soon. If his behaviour is something he will get disciplined for I want to be able to say he has TS if he has it so there will be more understanding when dealing with him. He is a really good boy and I wouldn't want the teacher to think he is acting up. Sometimes its healthier for a person to not have a label, labels are not good for self esteem so go with your gut. Having a doctor say your son does or does not have TS isn't going to change anything unless you want to medicate him which it doesn't sound like you do.

    Have you had him allergy or vega tested?