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    Have you ever gotten the feeling that you've changed and you're not sure what your friends are thinking? Well last year i was known as the hyper one who never slows down, who's never alone, always has someone with me, and is always nice to everyone no matter what crown they're from.

    I alot of things happened imbetween then and now

    Now it's like i'm feeling withdrawled. It's like i don't like being around people anymore. My friends are noticing that i don't hang with them as much anymore and i'm afraid that they think i'm ditching them for "cooler" or "better" friends.

    It's scarring me how much i've changed and i know it's not for the good. So many bad things have happened recently and i don't know how to handle it so i'm withdrawing.

    How can i change back to the outgoing, nice, sweet, and sensative girl i used to be!?

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    Re: Friends

    Hi there

    Have you spoken to your doctor about how you are feeling? You should start there. If you take medication for anything perhaps they need to be checked. Anything could be triggering this feeling but you can't ignore it you need to tell your doctor so you can explore what is happening and get back to yourself.

    keep connected with us and let me know what your doctor says.

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      Re: Friends

      Hi. I have talked to my mom about this and she got me an appointment with my dr who sent me to owensound. At owensound hospital they set me up with keystone (a children help centre) who got me a tellephyciatric evaluation. (for thoes who don't know what that is, it's kind of like a really high tech web cam in a confrence room over the internet with another doctor in a different place) i had an evaluation done with a specialist in london and he said that he thinks that i have hypomanic-depression but he thinks it's not bad enough for real medication, though i'm seeing my life change and want some thing to help me, medication or not.
      They gave me a natural medication you can get over the counter called Omega 3 + Joy but it doesn't seem to be working. I've noticed that i'm just slipping away from all my friends


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        Re: Friends

        Hi Loko!

        Have you and your parents given any thought to talking with a psychologist? It is something to consider. It sounds like you are worried about this and receiving counselling from a psychologist can really help.

        Our family has been seeing one for about 7 years now. When we are in crisis he has been invaluable to my son. For us as parents it gives us peace of mind to know that our son has someone who is trained in disorders that he can learn strategies from. He has also helped us tremendously in learning how to parent a child with a difference as it can be very difficult at times. Just knowing that we are on the right page even sets my mind at rest.

        Talk to your parents about it. If you are not happy with the medical care you have had so far keep trying until you find someone that you feel is really helping you and your family.


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          Re: Friends

          that happened to me when I got into highschool. I think it happens to most people. I was scared about how many friends I lost, how much stress I went through was ridiculous. my marks dropped, and my confidence went with it. coinsidentally my tics got way worse too. lol. But this is life. Being young does crazy crap to our brains. Its tough enough having the issues we have.


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            Re: Friends

            Its tough enough having the issues we have.
            The good news is there is help available for every one of us to find ways to deal with these issues. All we have to do is seek it out and ask for help.

            A good starting point, as had been mentioned, is to discuss it with your doctor.

            Do you have a family doctor or access to some other medical facility such as a university medical center or local medical facility where you could be seen?
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              Re: Friends

              Hi as a teen girl I too kinda understand how your feeling, I may or may not have Tourette's still deciding wether to go see if I do, but enough of me. I did that too, I was a crazy Pearson and super fun, but then life got a little difficult and that crazy girl kinda faded away. I completely stopped hanging out with a couple of friends, and I just got a bit quieter. Honestly sometimes you can't change back and be the same Pearson you were a while a go. Sometimes you got to try and make the best of the situation. It sounds silly but I found new friends, really good friends who try and understand me, they are there when I'm really sad And there when I'm happy. But if you don't want new friends, just try to explain to your friends what's going on in life and that you Malay need there support from time to time. As you progress and get happier you'll see that outgoing, sweet, and funny girl again. I hope this helped 😀