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Severely Struggling with my TS and everything that goes along with it.

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  • Severely Struggling with my TS and everything that goes along with it.

    I am a 22 yrs old and was Diagnosed with TS, ADHD and OCD when i was 5. Since the past month, I've posted threads to reach out and learn more other people's experience with Tourettes in hopes to be able to deal more with my own issues. I've ready many memoirs, books, watched movies on the subject..anything to help me sort through and learn to deal with my issues, but I am seriously struggling.

    I find myself in a constant whirlpool of upside down and twisted feelings that i don't know how to deal with. I've gone to see doctors, and have tried different medications but nothing seem to work. My tics may be more controlled, but it feels like my mind isn't healed. I am depressed all the time and even though I have many friends who support me, it just never feels like they actually understand what I am going through.

    Even though i am sure they try. I still get ridiculed when they don't "believe" i am ticcing and those who don't know i have tourettes just think i have a terrible personality or am "out of control". I have a difficulty being honest with myself and others about the disorder. I am afraid they will judge and not understand what it actually is about or what can do to a person.

    I feel insane sometimes. I've tried to find support groups or meet someone else with the disorder so i can talk to someone but have been unlucky as montreal doesn't have any organized support groups. I'm lost.

    As much as i try to make Ts and my disorders apart of my life, they seem to just swallow everything and control my life, it doesn't even feel mine anymore. i need to talk to someone who knows what i am feeling, i just don't know where to go.


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    Re: Severely Struggling with my TS and everything that goes along with it.


    As you may be aware, from your attempts at receiving relief of your symptoms with Tourette, ADHD, OCD and possibly mood disorders, when treating Tourette and associated disorders, you really need to pick your battles and deal with the symptoms that disrupt your quality of life the greatest.

    That may mean disregarding any intervention for the tics, but rather focusing on the OCD and possibly the anxiety and mood disorders, which iare usually more easily treatable.

    This is where having a good family physician (GP) can be helpful who can begin treating your symptoms, and perhaps even refer you to a psychiatrist and/or psychologist who can help you with psychological support.

    Do you have a family doctor (gp) at the present time? Are you receiving treatment for OCD, anxiety or depression?

    Have you visited your local CLSC to request being seen by the psychologist on staff there?

    Have you ever been seen for evaluation by a psychiatrist in Montreal?

    Are you employed or a student?

    If you could provide some of this information, I'll check some of my contacts to see if we can point you to some possible resources.
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      Re: Severely Struggling with my TS and everything that goes along with it.

      I agree with Steve. The medication you are taking for the tics maybe causing an extra level to your depression? You need to talk to your Dr. asap and tell him that your depression needs to be priority. Are you in school right now?
      Have you physically gone to any support groups? I kind of hate to mention it but I remember this one guy on this support group (he lived somewhere in eastern europe) and he said everything got better for him when he met his girlfriend. You know it got better for me too when I met my now husband. All I'm saying is it does get better


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        Re: Severely Struggling with my TS and everything that goes along with it.

        Hi Stephanie,

        I think Steve's advice is great about picking the symptoms that affect quality of life and focusing on finding the right treatment for those. I have spoken with lots of individuals with TS who struggle with people not believing them when they say that their tics are involuntary. I have heard a lot of analogies for explaining the involuntary nature of tics as well: sneezing, coughing, moving your knee reflexively at the doctor's, accidentally tripping etc. Have you tried using those to explain the tics?

        Another idea- you may wish to consider coming to the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada's National Conference on TS+. There will be a youth stream where you can meet people with TS who are your age. The Conference will be held on September 26-28 in Mississauga, Ontario, which is right outside of Toronto - a train ride away for you. There are more details on our website Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada

        Kind regards,