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Before Posting in Youth --> READ THIS FIRST<--

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  • Before Posting in Youth --> READ THIS FIRST<--

    If you are a parent and you want your child to participate in the Forum, the child must register with a separate UserID from yours, so moderators and members know who is authoring the posting.

    As a parent, the best way to protect your child from online predators is to participate in your child's online activities.

    Also the TSFC and the Forum administration is acutely aware of the dangers from child predators that young people are exposed to when posting on the internet.

    If you are a young person, do not include personal information about yourself in any posting.

    Postings that contain personal information, such as your telephone number, address or email address or postings asking for pen pals or other form of meeting will be removed from public view.

    We hope you understand the challenges we face in maintaining a safe environment for all our members.

    The TSFC Forum is monitored by a volunteer staff and any inappropriate or suspicious posting will be removed.
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