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  • The Best Thing Just Happened

    (11:30am 29 June)

    Since moving to the town we live in now, having moved out of Rockhampton, has proven to be quite profitable. Not profitable in the financial sense as the cost of rent here is more than where we were paying before.

    No, it has been a good move as the children are happier with better neighbours for one. They certainly have a bit more freedom here as they can wander up to the park to play where as they couldn't where we before.

    What just happened now, was a lady came to our house telling us that they walk their dogs past here all the time and that our children(the youngest 3) talk to them and their dogs as they go past, and because they were always so nice and polite, she wanted to give to our children, some toys their children had grown out of.

    Rugby league ball, soccer ball, dolls, a pink heart chair, cd player and such.

    They are moving house and using their move to discard what they no longer use or need and she was wanting to give them away to children she thought would appreciate them.

    How cool is that?

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    Re: The Best Thing Just Happened

    It's satisfying to move into a new neighborhood and to know your new neighbors are welcoming and thoughtful.

    Often city dwellers are less likely to reach out to newcomers, because the pace of life is faster, and people in huge residential areas tend to be faceless, whereas in slower paced suburban or rural areas, folks tend to pay attentiion to one another least that's been my observation in North America. Have you experienced the same in Australia?

    Is your new area urban or rural?
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      Re: The Best Thing Just Happened

      Rockhampton is a Regional City of about 70,000 people while just 10 minutes out by car is our town of about 7,000 people. The regional cities all have a little distance between them such as Gladstone to the South being the closest, 90 minutes by car then Emerald to the West and Mackay to the North, both a 3 hour drive. The capital city of Queensland, being Brisbane, is 7 to 8 hours by car. In between the cities are small country towns.

      Bit longer to Brisbane now since the flooding as the highway is repaired. The big city end having precedence as usual.

      Yes, the big cities can be like faceless people. The difference between Rockhampton and here can be so great that you wouldn't think that we're just a short drive away. The town is growing though bit by bit new homes are built. Won't ever hold as much as Rockhampton though as the usable space isn't as large. The area we are in used to be cattle country and down the road from us, a large chicken farm but now it's small suburbia.
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        Re: The Best Thing Just Happened

        Wow! That is encouraging.


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          Re: The Best Thing Just Happened

          We're living in a rural area but things looks different here. We came here in 2004 and still have less contact to long-established people from our village.
          Sure they're all very friendly but it's difficult to get in the inner circle. But there are more newcomers here and our children have good contacts to their children.
          We decided to rent a detached house with a big garden outside larger towns and we've never regretted our decision. Our children are happy here and we have enough place to feel comfortable.
          The only disadvantage is that you always need a car...


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            Re: The Best Thing Just Happened

            Siva, I understand what you mean about the new person thing. Some towns can behave as if they are scared of any new face and they end excluding people. When we moved to Rockhampton, the population was about 65,000 people but many of the people behaved as if the town was much smaller. Getting a rental house without local history made it very hard to get a house. I ended up going through a private landlord instead of going through a real estate agent.

            Some Australian country towns are so inclusive, you can see that they don't want to sell anything to people going through and won't talk while people in other towns will do the world for you. Needing a car can be a pain though. We have to buy another after I killed ours back in December.


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              Re: The Best Thing Just Happened

              Hi SpiderThug, we aren't living in a town. We're living in a small village of about 800 people.:huh:
              But when we came here we were welcomed with bread and salt by our neighbour. That's an old tradition in Germany.
              Our youngest daughter was born in this house, so she's a real villager.;)