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Wimbleton and Anxiety

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  • Wimbleton and Anxiety

    Hi everyone,
    I just had to share my amazement while watching the men's finals at Wimbleton 2017.

    Battling with a painful blister and trailing the greatest male tennis player of all time by a set and a break on the sport’s biggest stage, Marin Cilic broke down.
    Playing seven-time winner Roger Federer in his first Wimbledon final on Centre Court, nothing was going the Croat’s way, and after 45 minutes, he asked for a medical timeout.
    By the time the physio, doctor and tournament supervisor arrived, the powerful, 6ft 6ins Cilic was sobbing uncontrollably into his towel.
    “It was just a feeling that I knew that I cannot give my best on the court, that I cannot give my best game and my best tennis, especially at this stage of my career, at such a big match,” Cilic said. “It was very, very difficult to deal with it.”
    It was an astonishing moment in a Wimbledon final
    What I have not been able to find to share with you are any of the astonishing discussions around Marin Cilic's mental health and anxiety that occurred at the time while he was sobbing into his towel. That all the post-game discussion focuses on the painful blister avoids an excellent opportunity to say that TOP ATHELETES HAVE ANXIETY TOO!

    Of course, this is my own opinion.
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