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    Well, we checked, and his battery is fine. But now we know, which is good.

    Did you have a nice Christmas in Florida?

    We had our main Christmas celebration with all the children and grandchildren the weekend before Christmas in Ottawa, at our oldest daughter's house. It was nice, but hectic. The main reason was to reduce my anxiety, by making me a guest instead of the hostess.

    I actually never had to cook a turkey etc. at all, as yesterday (Christmas Day) we were invited for Christmas dinner at my husband's brother's house, and their mother and stepfather was there, too.

    I tried my hand at making a nice, gluten free apple crisp to bring along, so I had some dessert, too. It turned out very nice, and everybody else loved it, too. I used a mixture of buckwheat (which is not a grain at all) flour, tapioca flour, arrowroot flour, ground flax seed and ground hazelnut instead of 'real' flour. It was an experiment, and it turned out great.

    Still, something made me not feel so great. And while we drove there (to Toronto, an hours drive) in dense fog, we came home in heavy snow and very slippery roads. It was a pretty scary drive (especially because my husband refuses to have snow tires on the van, even though he caved in and had some put on my car), I was very glad when we got back home.

    All in all, this Christmas is less stressful for me than the previous ones.
    German citizen, married to a Canadian for 28 years, four daughters, one son, eight grandchildren (and one on the way).

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    Gluten Free Apple Crisp


    We had a very nice Christmas by spending the day with two other couples, close friends here in our community.

    Each couple contributed part of our dinner so it was prime rib, various salads and veggies, home made bread, and a wonderful apple pie as well as an oatmeal/chocolate chip dessert which I enjoy.

    During the day we all received phone calls from family members and our evening was spent playing one of our favorite games, Mexican Train dominoes....a favorite among retired snowbirds!

    making me a guest instead of the hostess
    Sounds like you discovered the secret to relaxing entertaining!

    Would you post your recipe for the gluten free apple crisp? It sounds interesting and would be fun to try!

    Sounds like you had a nice family get together.


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      Gluten Free Apple Crisp

      I second the request for the recipe, please :D