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Cadbury Eggs Recall

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  • Cadbury Eggs Recall

    News Release March 2, 2006

    Chocolate maker Cadbury Adams Canada has recalled some of its chocolate eggs because pieces of plastic were discovered in the product

    The affected product is sold as a snack size bar stamped with a code beginning with 5180 followed by a series of number and letters.

    The warning applies to 39 gram Cadbury Caramilk, Caramilk Maple and Caramilk Cafe chocolate eggs. Those eggs are sold individually wrapped or in liner packages containing three, six or 12 eggs.

    Cadbury said consumers who have purchased those eggs should call the Cadbury consumer line at 866-782-3267 (7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday).
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    Cadbury Eggs Recall

    Well, my easter has been ruined! lol, j/k! :lol:
    The other day at a local grocery store, I saw a rack with books on it and one of them said, "pregancy for dummies"............