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  • Hockey

    Last Friday night my son played hockey during the intermission of the senior men's league.

    There was about 4000 people at the arena and he had alot courage to go out there and play.

    His team won 3 - 2 but they all a great time.

    It was a very special moment to see him out there playing.

    I would like to insert or attach a picture but I don't know how.

    Could someone tell me how to do that.


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    Store your picture on your Photobucket or similar site and determine the picture's URL.

    Paste or type the URL into your posting, highlight the URL and click the Img button in the BBCode above the message composition window.

    Then click the "Preview" button rather than the "Submit" button to ensure the posting looks the way it should.

    If it doesn't, you can edit the posting before hitting the "Submit" button.

    If you submit the posting and you notice a problem or if something has to be edited, drop a note to one of the Moderators who can perform the edit for you.
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      The picture keeps coming out way to big even though I edited to a smaller size.

      Its ok, I won't bother, I just thought it was cute to see him playing. Steph


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        When you load a picture into photo bucket it saves as is in the beginning. There is a resize feature on the site or if I remember correct put our cursor over the pic and right click to resize. The pixel size required for this site is one of the options and then save it.

        copy & paste the URL photo bucket provides for the pic and the paste on your post here.

        Then follow the directions Steve gave you and it will fit nicely into your post.

        I'd love to see the pic. My son had the opportunity to do the same thing recently but he did not want to deal with the crowds and is new to the ice.
        hopefully next year we can make a go of it.


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          I did resize the picture and it still turned out to big.

          I did something to it and I don't know how to fix it.

          If you want to see the picture, then private message me and I will send it to you.

          My son and I are going away tomorrow evening for a tournament on Saturday morning. Should be a lot of fun. Steph