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  • Reply notification by email

    Hi there,

    I have been receiving reply notifications by email sporadically...just my guess, but once a discussion goes onto a second page, I think that's when I stop getting email reply notifications.

    Am I doing something wrong? Help!


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    Reply notification by email


    You've done everything right. You have checked the right box in your Profile to send email notifications which should result in an email being sent.

    You may wish to double check the check box at the bottom of your message compositinn window to ensure the software is remembering your instruction.

    You will notice there is a checkbox where you can select to receive email notification below the message composition window. In your case it should be pre-checked because you already checked in in Profile, but I'm suggesting you double check in case the software is missing your selection.

    Another possibility could be your own email client or your ISP email filtering might be very aggressive.

    The filters may be interpreting repeated messages configured the same way as being spam, and might be rejecting them.

    We are seeing that type of email filtering with some of the free mail services, and lately have been reports of Rogers also aggressively filtering.

    If you can change the configuration settings on your local service to allow email from this site, it should help.

    Please keep us posted on how this goes.
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