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  • New TSFC Style

    I've created a new forum style/theme called TSFC and set it as the forum default. It matrches as closely as possible the colours used in the main TSFC website.

    There are still some tweaks to be done (e.g., the buttons need to be changed from blue to brown) but the basics are completed and it appears to be functional.

    Please let me have your comments and report anything odd lokking or not working here.

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    Re: New TSFC Style

    I'll be looking forward to the comments from our members and Forum staff.

    Thanks for the time you have dedicated to this project, David and your hard work is paying off with a great looking Forum.

    The text in messages is easily readable for my tired old eyes, a feature important to me in the Forums in which I participate as well as a pleasing palette of colors that closely match the color scheme of the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada web pages.

    :Two ThumbsUp:
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      Re: New TSFC Style

      Hi David,
      Nicely done. It looks great!
      Tina, Forum Moderator, TSFC Staff Liaison

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      TSFC Membership


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        Re: New TSFC Style

        Thanks, Tina!